Quincy Township

Franklin County, Pennsylvania


It h
as come to the Township's attention that changes in property assessments for property tax purposes are being conducted.

This change in assessment has nothing to do with the Township.  

The property change in assessments are at the direction of and are being carried out by County officials.  The Assessment Office values all land and improvements within the County for tax purposes.

Changes in property development are being referenced via aerial photograph comparisons from 2003 and 2014.  

For questions, concerns, or appeals, regarding changes in assessment please contact The 
Franklin County Commissioners at 717-264-4125 or T
he Tax Assessment Office at 717-261-3801. 

Main Office 
7575 Mentzer Gap Road, 
Waynesboro, PA 17268     

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00- 4:30 WTS
Phone: 717-762-5679