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Fee Schedule 2018


 1. Land Use Permit (flat rate for first $2000 of cost of construction)
(+ $3.00 for each additional $1,000 cost/value of construction.)-Max. Fee: $5,000
 Permit Fee excludes storm water inspection by Township Staff  at $50/visit. 

 $      50.00    

Land Use Permit Extensions - Minimum Fee - $25.00 or 25% of Orig. Fee whichever is greater NTE $100 for Residential or $250 for Commercial.

 Land Use Violations - Actual charge of enforcement action

 $      50.00/hr.

 2.  Processing Fee for DEP Planning Modules or Exemption:
      3 requests
      Sewage Enforcement Officer -Application Fee for New Sewer Systems/Repairs:
      Additional SEO Services - Actual Charges @ SEO Rate.


 $      15.00    DEP
 $      50.00   TWP
Initial: $360.00
Final: $340.00

3.  Zoning Board Hearing
     Conditional Use Hearings (exc. Temp Dwelling-see below)
     (Fee covers Legal/Steno service up to 1 hour,  advertisements extra-actual charge.
     Hearings lasting longer than 1 hr. additional fees will be billed separately)
     Conditional Use Hearing-Temporary Dwelling                                                                                                                                        
     (Annual Renewal/No Charge)

      Rezoning Applications

 $    750.00 
 $    500.00




4.  Preliminary or Final Subdivision and Land Development Plans Review Fees:
     A.  Residential Minor Subdivision Plans (5 or fewer lots/dwelling units)  
     First lot or dwelling unit               
     Each Additional lot/dwelling unit  
    B.   Residential Major Subdivision Plans (6 or more lots/dwelling units)
     First lot or dwelling unit
     Each Addtional lot/dwelling unit 

    C.   Commercial Minor Subdivision Plans 
     First lot or structural unit
     Each additional lot/structural unit

   D.  Residential Lot 
           Additions First Lot
           Each Additional Lot                                                                   
  E.   Commercial Lot Addition                                                     
   F.  Commercial Major Subdivision Plans 
     First lot or structural unit
     Each additional lot/structural unit
  G.  Land Development Plans
    Single or Multi- Residential lot or dwelling unit (5 or fewer units - Same rate as 4A above; (6 ormore units same rate as 4B above.)
        Commercial Land Develop Plans - Single Comm. same rate as 4 C above; Multi-Commercial - Same rate as 4F above.                                                                                    
     H.  Plan revisions:  All subdivision/land development plan revisions per lot/structural unit
     Resubmissions will be charged at the same rate as outlined above for the respective category.                                                                          

     I.  Master Plan (10+ acres)                                                
                            ( less than 10 acres)                                              

     J.   Sketch Plan or Plan Re-Stamps 

     K.  Subdivision/Land Development Plan Verification Fee - Residential                                                                                                                        Commercial   

5. Annual Solid Waste/Septage Hauler Permit   


 $    300.00
 $    150.00



$ 200.00
$ 150.00



$ 50.00

 6.  Recreation Fee in lieu of Dedication of Recreational Land   ( 6 or more Lot Subdivision/Dwelling Unit)(Per lot/Dwelling Unit fee)

$   1000.00

7.  Highway Occupancy/Driveway Permits (Driveways are to be paved 25 ' back from road paved cartway line) 

 $       50.00
(plus actual  inspection charges)

 8. Private Street Sign Permit (Installation Fee separate at rate under Item 18 below).
      Applicant to pay cost of sign(s) to include replacements

 $       25.00


.  Street Cut/Sewer Cut/Fill Permits (Excavation of Township Roads/Sewer mains/laterals), not including applicable inspection costs at rate under Item 18  below.
                Underground/Surface Opening (First 50 feet)    
                Underground/Surface Opening (Per foot over first 50 feet)


 $      100.00 
 $        10.00

10.  Annual Salvage Yard Permit
        Less than 5 Acres
        5 - 10 Acres
        More than 10 Acres

$      200.00
$      500.00
$    1000.00

11.  Amusement Licensing  (Actual Daily Charges Per Ordinance #34A)  except for daily recurring business amusements will be licensed on an annual flat charge basis at the rate of $125 annually.

12. Annual Solid Waste/Septage Hauler Permit

$       250.00 

12. Inspections for Release from Improvement Bonds

 Actual Charges per item 18

 13.  Sewer Tap Fee (Includes charge for one lateral inspection, but costs for labor and material for installation of tap saddle are extra.)
         User fee

 $   7,200.00

 $         45.00/month

 14. Demolition Permit  (No charge when demolition is necessary due to natural disaster)   Also, Land Use Permit Fee will be based upon construction cost of new facility versus insured value of facility at time of disaster.                     

  $        25.00

 15.  Ordinance Fines (Not specifically stated) - Maximum

  $      600.00

 16.  Ordinance Copies (Zoning/SALDO, Water or Sewer Const. Stds.)

  $       25.00

 17.  Zoning Map (per copy)

  $      20.00

 18.  Technical/Administrative Review & Inspection or Highway Restoration Fees (per hour - Township Staff Involvement).

  $      50.00

19. Professional (legal/engineering/consultant) Review Fees  

    Any legal work done on Municipal Claims/Liens

 Actual Charges
$    150.00

 20. Curative Amendment Fees (Basic Filing Fee + administrative or professional rate as specified in Item #18/19 above.)  

  $    500.00

 21.  File Xerox Copies (Per page)

  $           .25

 22.  Open Records Request Copying

  Actual Charges per resolution #2008-10

 23.Special Hearings (Sewage Enforcement, etc.)

 $        250.00

 24.UCC  Board Appeal  Reviews (Newspaper Ads billed separately)
       UCC  Board Appeal Hearings (Newspaper Ads billed separately)

  $       350.00
  $       500.00

 25.  Public Water Tap Fee (Excludes lateral inspection. All costs for labor and material for installation/repair services are extra per Ord. #141)

  $    2,423.00

 26.  Public Water Connection Fee (Actual costs of underground borings,  water meter, vault, and curb stop):  Up to but not to exceed:   

   $    1,500.00

 27.  Processing & Review of Requests to Maintain Private Wells:
        @$50.00 Township Hourly Rate not to exceed $150.00

 Actual Charges

 28.  Public Water Termination or Restoration of Service Fee

    $       100.00

 29.  General Sign Permits - Based upon Actual Cost of Sign being erected - Minimum Fee

     $         50.00

 30.  Review of Storm Water Management Plans; Groundwater Feasibility and Traffic Impact Studies:  Actual Charges @$50.00 Hourly Rate


 31.  Park Rental Facility Fees:
        A. Use of Concession Facility for Private Events - $100 Flat Fee ($50.00 to be returned to user if building is cleaned up properly after use) + 20% of intake accrued through sale of food products furnished by user.

        B.  Other Park Activities - Fees to be set by Board of Supervisors or Park Committee on a case-by-case basis.