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Exhibit "A"




 Single Family Residential per lot or site      $   110.00 
 Multi Family Residential per lot or site                       $   130.00 
 Commercial Industrial Institutional per lot or site   $   150.00 
 Alteration or Repair from Malfunction per site       $     90.00 

Any site requiring additional evaluations or visits shall be assessed as follows:
1.          Additional visits to site    $     40.00 each 
2.          Additional test pit excavations over 2  $     30.00 each 

The application fee initiates scheduling, site evaluation, examination of up to 2 test pit excavations, and the processing and documentation of the Departmental forms required for the examination. 

All costs associated with the test pit excavation shall be  at the expense of the Applicant.


All sites, 6 holes per test maximum 

All cost associated with excavation of the percolation test holes and providing the water for the pre-soak and performance of the test shall be at the expense of the Applicant.

If any additional 
percolation test are required, the above fee shall be assessed each time. 

PERMIT FEES (Including inspection)

   $  140.00
 Single Family Residential per system (non pressure)  Inground   $     80.00
 Single Family Residential per system (pressurized)  Sandmound   $   130.00
 Multi-Family Residential per system (non pressure to 2499 square feet)   $     90.00
 Multi-Family Residential per system (pressurized to 2499 square feet)    $   260.00 
 Multi-Family Residential per system (pressurized in excess of 2500 square feet )      $   360.00 
 Commercial Industrial per system (non pressure)                         $   100.00
 Commercial Industrial per system (pressurized in excess to 2499 square feet)       $   260.00  
 Commercial Industrial per system (pressurized in excess of 2499 square feet)    $   360.00 
 Alternate or Experimental system add to above    $   100.00
 Holding Tanks per site    $     80.00 
 Inspection Fee for second or subsequent trips each   $     40.00
Transfer of Applicants or Permits 
   $   110.00 

All Applicants or Permits may be transferred from one owner to another for any valid Application or Permit for the remaining Permit time period.


Sewage Planning Module review and Sewage Enforcement related services shall be invoiced at actual cost of Sewage Enforcement Officer's services including related personnel under the direction of the Sewage Enforcement Officer.  This expense shall be due and payable to the Township prior to Subdivision approval and or permit issuance.  Hourly rate -


Supporting Sewage Enforcement related services not included in Application, Testing, Permit, or Review fees shall be invoiced at actual cost of services for miscellaneous consultation and project coordination, supporting clerical and filing, and bookkeeping and accounting (including processing of the Department of Environmental Protection application for Year-end Reimbursement).
Hourly rate -     


   $     40.00/hour

   $     30.00/hour