January 3, 2012


JANUARY 3, 2012

7:00 p.m. - Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

1.         Approval of Minutes- December 22, 2011 Meeting REORGANIZATION BUSINESS:

2.         Appoint Temporary Chairman & Temporary Secretary/Treasurer

3.         Nominate/Appoint Permanent Chairman and Vice Chairman

4.      Appoint Permanent Secretary/Treasurer

5.      Appoint Township Zoning and Code Enforcement Officials (Municipal/Sewer)

6.      Appoint Vacancy Board Chairman

7.      Appoint Solicitors for Township, Planning Commission & Zoning Hearing Board

8.      Appoint Township Engineers, Sewage Enforcement Officer

9.      Reaffirm employment of Roadmaster, Programs Coordinator, Road Crew, Sewer &

Water Plant Operators, Office Staff & EMAs & Recommend Pay Scale to Board of

Auditors for Roadmaster & Programs Coordinator

10.     Appoint Board member for Franklin County Area Tax Board, Tax Collection

Committee, DARE, Vision 2015, COG, WID, Drug Task Force, Ag Advisory Cmte.,

911 First Call & Emergency Alliance.

11.  Reaffirm Treasurer's Bond and Real Estate Tax Collector Rate

12.  Approve F&M, Tower/Susquehanna Bank & PLGIT as depositories

13.  Reaffirm Township employee benefits (COLA, mileage reimbursement, holidays,

personal & vacation time, Life & Health/Dental Insurance, and reimbursement for

expenses for attendance at seminars, training & local conventions).

14.  Certify delegates to State Educational Conf. (pay, mileage, etc.) + Voting Delegate

15.  Appoint Uniform Construction Code Inspection Agencies

16.  Appoint Township/QSA Financial Statement Auditor

17.  Initial Public Comment Period


18.  Tomstown TCE Site Public Water Project Update


20.  Approve 2012 Fee Schedule

21.  Appoint/Reappoint Board of Auditors

22. Zoning Officer's Comments

24.  Solicitor's Comments

25.  Executive Session

26.  Supervisors' Comments

27.  Final Public Comment Period 28. Adjournment

Next Scheduled Meeting: January 19, 2012, 0830 hours