January 5, 2015



JANUARY 5, 2015

7:00 p.m. - Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

1.      Approval of Minutes-  December 18, 2014 Meeting


2.      Appoint Temporary Chairman & Temporary Secretary

3.      Nominate/Appoint Permanent Chairman and Vice Chairman

4.      Appoint Permanent Secretary/Treasurer; Establish Compensation & Bonding Level

5.      Appoint Township Zoning and Code Enforcement Officials

6.      Appoint Vacancy Board Chairman

7.      Appoint Solicitors for Planning Commission, & ZHB/Appeals Bd.

8.      Appoint/Reappoint Twp Engineers, Sewage Enforcement Officer, Park & Rec Cmte.

9.      Reaffirm employment of Roadmaster, Programs Coordinator, Road Crew, Sewer &

 Water Plant Operators, Office Staff & EMAs

9a.  Recommend Pay Rate/Benefits to Auditors for Roadmaster/Programs Coord. Positions 

10.   Appoint Board member for FCATB, TCC, Vision 2015, COG, WID, Drug Task Force, Ag Advisory, 911 First Call & Emergency Alliance.

11.  Reaffirm Real Estate Tax Collector Rate

12.  Approve  F&M, Susquehanna Bank & PLGIT as depositories

13.  Establish Township employee/supervisor benefits (COLA, mileage reimbursement rate, holidays, personal & vacation time, Life & Health/Dental Insurance, & reimbursement expenses for attendance at County and PSATS conventions).

14.  Certify regular delegates to attend PSATS State Education Conference and appoint Voting Delegate for same.

15.  Appoint Uniform Construction Code Inspection Agencies

16.  Initial Public Comment Period



17.  Tomstown TCE Site/Furnace Road Public Water Project Update

18.  Mentzer Meadows Subdivision Update


19.  George/Francine Heinbaugh Subdivision/Lot Additions

20.  Frank & Tina Scheib Subdivision

21.  Reappoint Auditors, Sewer Authority, Planning Commission & ZHB Members

22.  Review/Approve 2015 Fee Schedule & Resolution 2015-1

23.  Enact Ordinances #149/#150 Authorizing Participation in PSATS Group Trusts

24.  Consider/approve any employee/supervisor attendance at announced training seminars

25.   Supervisors' Comments

21. Final Public Comment Period

22. Adjournment


Next Scheduled Meeting: Workshop, January 22, 2015, 0830 hours