April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013        


Members present: Robert Gunder

                              Wilbur Sanders

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

Solicitor: John Lisko          

 1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:04 pm. by Supervisor Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Fifteen residents were in attendance. 

     2.      During the initial period of public comment, Theodore Kelly addressed the Board about debris and trash in Biesecker Run. Biesecker Run is a creek that flows through Biesecker Gap and into Washington Township. Someone up stream is dumping debris in the creek and it is flowing down stream. Three complaints from property owners along Biesecker Run was received in the Township Office. Contact was made to each complainant and only one wanted the Township to contact DEP since the Township has no authority to fine owners from throwing debris in the creek. Mr. Kelly informed the Board that in Boonsboro, the boy Scouts cleaned a stream. Mr. Kelly was informed that the Antietam Water Shed has done some clean up along the tributaries of the Antietam and maybe if he contacted them they would also be willing to help clean the creek. Mr. Kelly also stated that trash has been accumulating along Mentzer Gap Road. He was informed that the Township has contacted the trash haulers in the Township about picking up any trash that comes out of their trucks. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed Mr. Kelly that the Township tries to get grant money for such clean up, but no money is available at this time. The Township is going to give Mr. Kelly and Mr. Michalsky the phone number for the Antietam Water Shed Committee. Solicitor Lisko also suggested that the Probation Officer has people who need to do community service work and they could be used to clean the creek, but the Township has no authority to fine people for trash on the road way or in the streams. It was suggested that if they know who is placing debris in the creek to give the names to the Supervisors, so they can pass it along to DEP. Also trash being placed at Mentzer Gap Road and Gap Road. We will call DEP again with the information.

     3.      The minutes of  March 21, 2013 and the bills except those paid to the Supervisors were approved on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion.  Motion carried   unanimously.

     4.      A TCE Update was given. Wally Koster is doing the step test at Tarman Springs as long as the meter showed up. The Peiffer Tract has a better well than Tarman Springs. We have sent a letter to the Realty Company about interest in purchasing the property. We cannot do any clean up at the well sites until Franklin County Conservation District approval is received.

     5.      The Furnace Road Water Project was discussed at a meeting today with DCED and DEP. The good news is that DCED indicated they would request an extension for a year on the grant money we have received from the County. Phil Tarquino is drafting a letter requesting the extension and DCED will support it. The extension would be until June 30, 2014 and we should be able to connect Furnace Road by that time. Supervisor Sanders asked where the plant location will be, but we will not know until Peiffer well test results are back.

     6.      PSATS Education Conference is April 21- 24 at Hershey. We have received the Resolutions that will be voted on then. Supervisors are to review and bring back their recommendations to the voting delegate at the April workshop.

     7.      Wesley House Dedication will be held on May 20, 2013 at 2pm. The Office staff and Supervisors have been invited to the dedication. The Township Office will be closed for that event. Orphanage Road will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 & 11 for repaving from the intersection to the entrance at the Winter Building. Also Valley Quarries is going to give us a quote on the cost to pave the remaining roadway to the top of the hill.

     8.      The Zoning Officer gave a written report. Supervisor Gunder stated we will give him the information about the Oberholzer property.

     9.      The Supervisor had nothing.

    10.  The Solicitor had nothing

    11.  During the final period of public comment, Frank Mong asked why we are just now entering into negotiations for the Peiffer tract. Questioned why drill a well on property that we do not own.  The bank that owns the property signed an agreement with the Township to allow us to drill exploratory well. The Township is now letting them know we want to purchase the property. DEP is going to be paying for the property not the Township and they would not purchase until we had a good well. The property will be transfer to the Township from DEP after purchase. Frank asked about cost of property being more since it now has a well on it, but he was informed that the appraisal received was for the land before a well was drilled. Solicitor Lisko stated that the Township cannot pay more than appraisal price for the property. If the bank will not take the offer, then we will file condemnation proceedings. When that happens the property owner gets an appraisal. Then the two appraisals are taken to a Board of three people, a real estate person, an attorney and another person who review and they will decide the amount to be paid. The Board must follow the steps set forth by DEP to complete each step. The Township is now going through the condemnation proceedings for Tarman Springs. Lynn Michalsky asked how wide an area the service will cover. He was informed Tomstown Road to Shank Hess and Mentzer Gap., Approximately 400 acres. And at this point there are no plans to expand in the near future. DEP is paying for everything south of connection. Cleanup people are not interested in recouping any money they are putting into the project from other people that can connect to the system.

    12.  The Board adjourned to an executive session at 7:50 pm.

    13.  The Board reconvened at 8:01 pm. Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that the executive session was about one well site and Solicitor Lisko and Rhoads and Sinon will be helping with it. Also a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion made Travis Schooley a full time employee. Motion carried unanimously.

    14.  The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm. on a Sanders/Gunder motion.