August 10, 2017

August 10, 2017


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson

          Solicitor:     Linus Fenicle                   


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  One resident and the Record Herald Reporter was in attendance. There was no initial public comment.


2.      The minutes of July 6 & 31, 2017 were approved as written on a Wilson/Gunder Motion. The Bills for July were approved on a Gunder/Bumbaugh motion except for check # 15003 on which Supervisor Wilson voted no.


3.      A Gunder/Wilson motion approved Resolution 2017- 4, Per Capita Tax Exemption requirements. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      Supervisor Bumbaugh wanted direction from the Board about replacing the van. He has contacted the Costar dealers and they have not gotten back to him with any quotes. Supervisor Gunder would like to see us purchase a used van because we don’t have the money for a new one. We are going to try to get quotes for a used van hoping that they are under our bidding limit of $19,700.


5.      A Gunder/Wilson motion approved signing the Penn DOT winter maintenance Agreement.  Motion carried unanimously.


6.      Well # 7 testing update was given. All the tests have been sent in to DEP. We are pumping at a rate of 160 gpm. Not sure how long it will be for DEP to approve permitting.


7.      Penn National has requested that the Township attend a meeting with them and Guilford Water Authority on August 14 to discuss water service for the proposed Penn National Town Center and future residential development located in Quincy Township. This future meeting was discussed in order for our attendees to have Board direction going forth as they meet with Penn National and Guilford Water Authority. The water service will need a three-way agreement between Penn National, Quincy Township and Guilford Water Authority since the closest Guilford water line is on Penn National property near the Township boundary line. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved sending a proposal forth to Guilford Water Authority which would provide for a bulk water meter and any town center businesses and future residential homes would become Quincy Township customers. The mains would have to constructed by Penn National to Quincy Township specs and dedicated to the Township to maintain.  Motion carried unanimously. Supervisor Gunder would like for our Engineer John High to attend the meeting since Guilford’s engineer was invited. Supervisor Wilson is concerned about the sewer service demand and if we would have enough EDU’s available. Supervisor Gunder explained that the 500 EDUs reserved via an Agreement with Penn National in 2006 has expired.  The Sewer will go directly into our mainline and there will be connection fees for each business and residential use.


8.      The replacement of the service body truck was addressed. We have a contractor who would be willing to purchase our service body truck from Penske if we are going to trade it in.  Penske is willing to purchase the truck from us for $55,898 with plow or for $52,898 without the plow. If we trade in the truck now for a new 2018 truck we would pay a difference of only $2898. The truck is used between the water and sewer departments, so the cost could be divided evenly between them. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved purchasing the new service body truck from Penske at no more than $3000. Motion carried unanimously.


9.      Supervisor Wilson voiced his concerns about the last several months purchasing two new dump trucks and then the Case deal.  He believes we need a ten-year plan for replacement of vehicles. Supervisor Gunder added that he believes there should be a written detailed plan behind each line item in the budget which explains planned purchases of new equipment for each budget year.


10.   The Groff track machine purchase has been placed on hold until Mont Alto Borough has had time to discuss the purchase of the JCB from us.


11.   The Township’s chipper has been placed on Municibid for possible sale. Once the bidding process ends, and if we have bids on the machine, the Board will have to approve the transaction before it can be finalized for sale.


12.   Supervisor Wilson would like to know when there will be a Sewer Authority meeting. It was explained that they will have to meet once we have a preliminary plan from Penn National for the Town Center development.


13.   Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that DEP has finalized their survey of Township residents about abandoning their wells in the public water area. Of all the responses to their survey; only 8 indicated they want to abandon their wells.  DEP also plans to abandon 15 of their monitoring wells.


14.   Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that he had requested several times for proof from Franklin County Planning Office that our 2016 Statewide CDBG Competitive Grant applications had been sent in to DCED.  He wanted this documentation so we could prove to our LMI residents that we were looking out for their best interests. County Planning finally agreed last week to provide us with an email, which included copies of the forwarding letter to DCED and CDBG applications for the two water projects, i.e., the PSL line and LMI assistance.  The letter to DCED was sent in December 29, 2016.


15.   Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that we have received calls about the electric powerline that is to go through Quincy township. The company has met with the Township and they do not know the path yet, but they will take property by eminent domain. We cannot do anything about this happening since it will have PUC approval. Concerned residents will have to contact their State Legislators.


16.   Supervisor Bumbaugh also informed the Board that the County is using drones to fly over properties to assess new structures not currently taxed. The County is taxing small movable sheds, including those that the Township does not even require a Land Use Permit for, but according to the law that Mr. Bumbaugh has found, that taxing is not legal.  The law was enacted in 2011 which states that sheds must be affixed to the ground or have utilities such as electricity run to them. A Bumbaugh/Wilson motion approved Solicitor Fenicle to research the law on tax assessments for sheds. Motion carried unanimously.


17.   During final public comment, township resident Frank Mong asked about the Dan Baer vehicle situation. He was told that the Zoning Officer has been instructed to send a violation letter to Mr. Baer. However, the Township is not sure what effect a violation letter will have since the land has been under a bankruptcy court order since February 2017.


18.   The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm. on a Wilson/Gunder motion.