December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015



Members present: Robert Gunder              

                                    Kerry Bumbaugh

                                    Wilbur Sanders


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Seven residents were in attendance.

 2.      During initial public comment period, Ken Flasher discussed the Oberholzer property in the Gap area. Ken was informed that the Ordinance is written so that complaints are limited to adjoining property owners to preclude any reciprocity on the part of others.  However, if the problem is severe Township can order a correction on its own volition.   The Zoning Officer has looked at this before and items would be cleaned up but six months later  new items would appear again, but we will give this complaint to him again. Jim Fleagle also asked about the clogging of the pipe at the Post Office property and how it floods the adjoining property owners. Jim also questioned the placement of the waterline going to Quincy Home for the back up well.  The placement of the line is on Paul Mohn and close to his property and he has concern about it damaging his driveway. He was informed that the line is to be bored not trenched in that vicinity.

3.      The Minutes of November 19, 2015 were approved on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion along with the bills except those paid to the Supervisors. Motion carried unanimously.

4.      Tomstown/Furnace Road Water Project was discussed.  Contract 102 is moving along. HRI is having problems with their driller, but is going to bring in another driller next week. They have 3800 feet of pipe in the ground. Well #6 is having trouble with turbidity. The pump was pulled last evening and we are going to camera tomorrow. The hydrogeologist believes we can fix the well. We do not want to abandon before giving it one last chance to get it clean because the well needs to produce at least 100 gallons per minute. We will need a new well site if we don’t get turbidity cleaned up. The WPA surface influence test came back yesterday and it was clean. Frank Mong believes to get a good well we must get away from the mountain, although Well #5 is in the same formation and closer to the mountain than Well #6 and the turbidity in Well #5 is very good. 

5.      Furnace Road CDBG closeout is in the process. We should be receiving approximately $141,000.00. The Supervisor will send an appreciation letter to the Commissioners when money is received.

6.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion Approved attendance at PA Rural Water Class for 4 days for credits needed for their licensing.  Motion carried unanimously.

7.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved paying the dues of $100 to the Franklin County Council of Government for 2016. The COG has not collected dues since 2010. Motion carried unanimously.

8.      A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved a $100 donation to Medic 2. Motion carried unanimously.

9.      The Zoning Officer was not present and didn’t send a report.

10.   Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that we have 4 residences yet to connect on Furnace Road and they should be connected next week.

11.   Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that we have received the remainder of the Park Grant funds from DCNR in the amount of $38,600. We now have an application in to DCED for a park grant for a pavilion and play area to be placed near the upper comfort station.  The decision was on approved projects was supposed to have been made in November but the budget impasse must be holding it up.

12.   During the final period of public comment, Frank Mong stated to the Board that there is a grant program through the county planning commission that he and Diane Keeney learned about at a meeting they attended that is available for parks.  Supervisors indicated they were not aware of any such programs.  Further, that they are always informed of grants from County Planning via emails and reiterated at COG meetings, and that nothing has been announced in that area recently except for multi-modal transportation.

13.   Terry Bonebrake noted to the Board about the speed and increased traffic on Barkdoll Lane since the road was widened. He stated that he sat for three and half hours counting cars and 70 cars traveled that road in the 3 ½ hours.

14.   The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm on a Sanders/Gunder motion.