January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013  


Members present: Robert Gunder

                           Wilbur Sanders

                           Kerry Bumbaugh


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Supervisor Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Three residents were in attendance. 

      2.      The minutes of December 20, 2012 were approved as written and the prior month’s bills except those paid to the Supervisors on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion with a correction to the spelling of two residents. Motion carried unanimously.

      3.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved Supervisor Gunder as temporary chairman and Vicki Nunemaker as temporary Secretary. Motion carried unanimously.

      4.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved keeping the Board officers the same as last year. Motion carried unanimously.

      5.      A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved keeping the Secretary/Treasurer the same as last year and the bond the same for now and revisiting the bond issue once TCE construction starts. Motion carried unanimously.

     6.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved having the same Township Zoning and Code enforcement Officials the same as last year. Motion carried unanimously.

      7.      A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approved Walter Tennis as Chairman of the Vacancy Board. Motion carried unanimously.

      8.      The Township Solicitor , John Lisko, the Planning Commission Solicitor , Ed Wine and the Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor & Appeals Board Solicitor, Jeffrey Evans were  reaffirmed on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      9.      Martin & Martin were reappointed as township engineer. As well as, William Brindle and Associates were reappointed as the Sewage Enforcement Officer with Jim Maun as primary SEO and Susan Glover as the Assistant, Melham & Associates were reappointed as engineers for the Park & Recreation on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.

     10.  The Board adjourned to an executive session at 7:05 pm.

     11.  The Board reconvened at 7:30 pm. The session was to consider some personnel issues. They will be discussed more at the January workshop.

      12.  The Township road crew, EMA Coordinator & assistant EMA Coordinator, Road master and Program Coordinator, Sewer and Water Plant Operators and Office Staff were reaffirmed on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      13.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion recommends to the auditors that the Road Master position when separated from other position receive a 2% pay increase and that the Township program coordinator position receive a salary increase to $45,000. Motion carried. Supervisor Gunder abstained.

      14.  Committee Representatives were approved  as follows on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion:

A.     Franklin County Area Tax Bureau -Supervisor Gunder, Secretary, Vicki Nunemaker as alternate.          

B.     Tax Collection Committee – Supervisor Gunder, Supervisor Sanders alternate

C.     Vision 2015 – Supervisor Sanders

D.     COG – Supervisor Gunder, Supervisor Bumbaugh as alternate

E.      Waynesboro Industrial Development – Supervisor Bumbaugh

F.      Drug Task Force – Supervisor Bumbaugh

G.     Ag Advisory – Carroll Wilhide

H.     911, EMA Emergency Alliance, Fire Burn Issues – Supervisor Bumbaugh with Shawn Adolini and Joel Oyler as EMAs

       Motion carried unanimously.       

      15.  On a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion reaffirmed the Real Estate Tax collector’s compensation will be 5%. Motion carried unanimously.

      16.  On a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion, Susquehanna Bank, F & M Trust and PLGIT will be the depositories for the Township. Motion carried unanimously.

      17.  The COLA was approved at 2% for all regular employees, the Employee benefits will remain the same as last year and mileage reimbursement will be at the Federal rate per mile on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      18.  Delegates to the Pennsylvania Educational Conference of Supervisors and Secretary/Treasurer were approved with Secretary/Treasurer, Vicki Nunemaker as the voting delegate and approval of reimbursement for conference expenses on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      19.  Accredited Services and CCIS were appointed for use by Township residents for building permits and inspections and Accredited Services, Mike Cermak, Sr. was appointed as the Township Code Enforcement Officer on a on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      20.  On a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion, Musselman & Creager was reappointed as our Auditors for Township and Sewer Authority, Joseph Schorn and Carol Smetzer were reappointed as auditors for 2013. Motion carried unanimously.

      21.  The 2013 Meeting schedule was approved on a Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      22.  Resolution 2013-1, 2013 Fee Schedule was approved on a Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      23.  There was no Public Comment during the initial public comment period.

      24.  An update was given on the TCE Site Public Water. The second well is producing 100 GPM. There was a liner issue for the casing of the well. An order has been placed for 120 feet of slotted pipe. This pipe will be placed in the deeper part of the well and solid pipe will be place at the top. The filming of the well was completed last Friday. They will case the well and they complete the pump test, but the casing of the well is approximately two weeks out, waiting on the delivery of the pipe. Jon Krueger received word that we were successful with the well and he needs a new budget and time schedule, we have received an appraisal from Horn & Horn for the Bricker property. The appraisal was $19,000 which is considerably low, but we cannot pay more than the appraisal. They will meet with Mr. Bricker and discuss purchase. Also believe we can find water on the Peiffer track on Tomstown Road. There is already a hand dug well on the property. We should get Negley’s scheduled to drill second well.

      25.  Furnace Road update was given. Plans have been submitted to DEP. DEP will tell us what they will accept, when it comes to the plans. If DEP doesn’t accept, then we will have to go to the County Planning Commission for assistance.

      26.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved signing the 2012 CDBG agreement for $50,000 for money to continue the work on the line on Furnace Road. Motion carried unanimously.

      27.  Nothing at present to approve for employee/supervisors training seminars.

      28.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved the Mentzer Meadows Phase I and II Subdivision Extention. Motion carried unanimously.

      29.  During Supervisor comments, Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that the information needed for the refinance of the sewer plant is in the mail, and we received a letter from B. Equip. withdrawing their price quote for the tractor and mower. Therefore, we will be purchasing a John Deere tractor and diamond mower from U.S. Municipal Supply for $62,804.19.

      30.  A Sanders/Gunder motion approved the Salt Contract for August 2013 – July 2014.Motion carried unanimously.

      31.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that as of January 24, 2013, people will not be able to place old computers and old TV’s, etc. in dumpsters. The electronics will have to be recycled. We are going to contact Hoppers and American Recycling to see if they will be recycling electronics under this program.

      32.  Supervisor Bumbaugh has contacted the insurance company able the driveway compliance issue. He was informed we have a $12000 deductible and once we are taken to court, and the claimant wins, then we can file a claim with the insurance company.

      33.  The wall at Supervisor Bumbaugh property was discussed. We have three quotes. K & M, Green Arbor and B & H. We will need to purchase the materials because the quotes are only for labor and equipment. B & H had the lowest quote a Sanders/Gunder motion approved negotiating with B & H on the cost since they were the lowest price. Motion carried. Supervisor Bumbaugh abstained from the vote.

      34.  No public comments during period of final public comment.

      35.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. on a Sanders/Gunder motion.