June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012 

Members present: Robert Gunder

                            Wilbur Sanders

                            Kerry Bumbaugh

Solicitor: John Lisko          

       1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Supervisor Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Seven residents, nine members of Mont Alto Fire Department and Mike Hansen were in attendance. 


2.      During the initial period of public comment, Charlotte Rhone of 4970 Spruce Road asked about the progress of a situation at 11388 South Mountain Road which belongs to Edith Woodlief. The Supervisors informed her that since the complaint was not filed by an adjoining property owner that the Supervisors had to file the complaint with the Code Enforcement Officer. The Code Enforcement Officer informed her that a letter stating that clean up needed to start within a month and a total clean up within two months was sent to the property owner. The Code Enforcement Officer will be checking on the progress.


3.      The minutes of May 1st and May 14, 2011 were approved with two corrections to the May 1st minutes. Item #13 should say Supervisors and item #12 should be 16 ½ ft. and the prior month’s bills except those paid to the Supervisors on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      An update was given on the TCE Public Water System. Engineer Ron Horton is evaluating our position on the tap fees with DEP’s none willingness to pay them to the Township. The preliminary data from Ron Horton is showing that we are permitted to pump 63 gallons per minute but are only pumping 43 gallons per minute. Once all of the figures are calculated and the evaluation is finished we will submit it to DEP. John Cox is now the lead person from Frank Leiber’s office.


5.      The Furnace Road Water Project was discussed.  We have signed the agreement with Mont Alto on May 14, 2012. Mont Alto has turned the agreement over to their water committee to review. Also we have heard from our legislators that the initial indication is that the request for an extension of the time limited for the project looks good.


6.      The Mont Alto Fire and Ambulance Department addressed the Board. Dan Reed, Fire Chief for the fire department gave handouts to the Supervisors. He proceeded through the different items on the handouts.  Supervisors requested time to respond to each item individually. The main concern for the Ambulance Squad was a reduction in the amount received for calls responded to in the Township. There seemed to be a misunderstanding during a meeting that took place between Supervisor Gunder and Richard Sleicher on the reduction of the payment and for how long that was for. Mr. Reed informed the Board that Mr. Sleicher can not make a permanent agreement for the Ambulance Association, the whole membership must vote on it. Also discussed was not being paid for calls to the Nursing Homes and state facilities in the Township. The Supervisors believe that the Ambulance Association should contact them directly and request some support from them for the services render. The Supervisors do not question the service or quality of service that the Ambulance association and fire department are giving the Township residents, but our tax base is not as large as the other Townships that Mont Alto responds in. We enacted the LST but only 25% of that is to go to emergency services and  at this time we are giving over 50% to emergency service. Also in question was the Township billing people for fire calls and motor vehicles accidents that occur in the Township. Dan Reed stated that the bills sent out were incorrect. The report that was given to the Township did not have the correct hours on the scene for the equipment; it only had the combined manpower hours which we do not bill for. Therefore once we receive the correct information, we will send out revised bills. Solicitor Lisko also informed the Members of the Ambulance and Fire Company that the Township is not required to provide ambulance service to the residents according to the Second Class Township Code book. The Supervisors will watch our budget and at the end of the third quarter and if we have extra, the Township will help by giving them extra compensation. All the Supervisors are in agreement. The Fire department and the Supervisors will look at doing a set price for ambulance service instead of per call responded to.


7.      The Municipal Park needs to have an NPDES completed before we can proceed with any earth moving or construction of trails and other recreational areas. Supervisor Bumbaugh believes we need to contact Todd Rock and Rich Alloway’s office to see if they can get this waved. The cost for the NPDES is $9800 from Melham and Associates. Supervisor Sanders believes we should get other quotes or see if Travis Schooley can do the permit in house.


8.      The Zoning Officer gave a written report and the Board will be having an executive session later.


9.      Supervisor Bumbaugh said he has met with a gentleman about fire hydrants. He believes this man’s company will be very competitive.


10.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that there is a meeting with Guilford Sewer Authority next week.


11.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that he is having a meeting tomorrow with Matt & Buck about renovating the building for the Park.


12.  During final period of public comment, Dave Fair asked the Supervisors about reducing the amount of sewer charges for the new home on Anthony Highway that he has not been able to sell yet. The Supervisors will have to review the user’s fee because there is no provision in the ordinance for a reduction.


13.  The Township Secretary informed the Board that Municipay can place a link on our website so residents can do an online payment.  This would also make using a visa credit card available. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the online bill pay through Municipay.


14.  The Board adjourned to an executive session at 9:00 pm.


15.  The Board reconvened at 9:28 pm. The Supervisors discussed cleanup activity at properties in violation of the Township’s Ordinance and possible litigations.


16.  The meeting adjourned at 9:28 pm. on a Sanders/Gunder motion.