June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016


Members present:  Kerry Bumbaugh

                                     Robert Gunder

                                     Edward Wilson

          Solicitor:         Linus Fenicle                   


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Twenty-One residents were in attendance. 

2.      During the initial public comment, Gene Flasher informed the Board that he was under the impression that Old Forge Road had a lot of pot holes. He drove the road and it is the pipe crossings in the road that are sinking. Supervisor Gunder agreed with that assessment. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed Mr. Flasher that we will be fixing it this summer.

3.      The minutes of May 24, 2016 were approved as written and the prior month’s bills except those

       paid to the Supervisors on a Gunder/ Bumbaugh motion with Supervisor Wilson voting no.

4.      TCE Water Project and Well # 7 progress report was given.

      A. The drillers have drilled to 508 feet and have a blown yield in excess of 600 gpm. The well         must be cleaned up with pumping. The pump will be placed on site Thursday or Monday. We     only moved 20 feet from the test well and have more water and the new well is 100 feet     shallower than the test well.

      B. The mainline construction is almost completed. The contractors are working on installing the

           laterals. They have 10 laterals in so far. We should receive the last bill from the contractor at

           our June workshop. 

5.      The Sewer Delinquency Ordinance was reviewed at this time. Solicitor informed the Board that they have the right to initiate such an Ordinance and the correct wording is there. Joann Daywalt questioned why we would disconnect sewer if we can place a lien on the property. The Supervisors informed Mrs. Daywalt that we have tried many ways to collect back payments to no avail. Dustin Haluska from the Record Herald asked if someone was disconnected whether they would have to pay a fee to be reconnected. There will be a reconnect fee that has to be paid to have sewer reconnected. Solicitor Fenicle informed residents in attendance that when public water and sewer is involved you can shut off water until sewer bill is paid, but if on a private water we have no way of getting payment unless Ordinance enacted. Most people if they realize sewer can be cut off will come in to pay their bill. This is just another tool to use if needed to collect delinquent sewer payments. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved Ordinance 152. Motion carried unanimously.


6.      The Per capita Tax Billing was discussed at this time. The Waynesboro Area School  District Financial Administrator sent a demanding letter to the municipalities in the District informing them that we would have to pay 50 % of the cost of preparing and mailing the per capita tax for the 2016- 2017 year. At the Supervisors last meeting they approved Secretary attending a meeting with representatives on the School Board and district to discuss this matter. Since our meeting the School Board has decided to eliminate the per capita tax starting with the 2016-2017.  At the meeting on June 3, 2016, the Board rescinded the 50% cost request to 100% of per capita only and 14% of cost if occupational tax included on the bill. The Board and Solicitor cannot determine how the Township’s cost was calculated. The Board is not opposed to paying their fair share, but do not want to pay more than we should.  If the School District doesn’t print them for this year, they will not get mailed out because of the time frame. The Supervisors explained that the Waynesboro Area School Board voted to keep the Tax Collection Board separate from the FCATB, which could have saved $1000+ a year all because they wanted to have a weighted vote; a vote which favors the Chambersburg Area School District. A Wilson/Gunder motion authorized Supervisor Gunder to write a letter  to the Waynesboro Area School District that it would pay no more than $1248, but do not believe the calculation is correct. Motion carried unanimously.

7.      A Gunder/Wilson Motion authorized the advertising of the refunding of the Township’s line of credit for the water project. Motion carried unanimously.

8.      Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that a complaint was received on soil erosion on Furnace Road. Soil conservation was out to visit the site and there is no soil erosion. It is normal storm water runoff.   Supervsior Bumbaugh met with the property owner and informed him that we cannot stop a property owner from placing small amounts of fill dirt on their property.

9.      Mary Ann from Soil Conservation was in the office today. She informed us that we have four days to do restoration work on the TCE Water Project laterals.

10.  Supervisor Gunder has received the amended draft acquisition from Special Counsel for the PSL Plant Acquisition and new PSL mainline.  He will be reviewing it for accuracy and would like to finalize and send to PSL for their review by the end of the month.

11.  Solicitor Fenicle is working on getting the easement signed for the Quincy Post Office property.

12.  The Board has received nothing from the settlement company for the purchase of the well #7 site.

13.  There was no final public comment.

14.  The meeting adjourned on a Wilson/Gunder motion at 8:00 pm.