March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson

          Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                   


  1. Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Five residents and the Record Herald Reporter were in attendance. 


  2. During the initial period of public comment, Frank Mong asked if the Supervisors had made a decision about the delinquent sewer collection services that was presented by Portnoff at a previous meeting. As reported in Item 10 of the February 16 minutes, we will review the Portnoff proposal and discuss further at the March 23 workshop. Mr. Mong was also informed that we are trying to contact other collection services to give us an overview of what they offer before making a final decision.


  1. The minutes of February 23, 2017 were approved as written and the prior month’s bills, except those paid to the Supervisors, on a Gunder/Wilson motion, with Supervisor Wilson voting no.


  2. The water project update was given. Well # 7 is cleaning up at 130 GPM. They will need to do a series of tests once the turbidity goes below 4.5 NTUs.


  1. The new truck purchase was brought before the Board. Supervisor Wilson has reviewed the material and the different quotes gathered by the Roadmaster, Mr. Bumbaugh and presented at the previous meeting.  There is an approximate $600 additional charge to have a rearview camera installed on the truck. Supervisor Wilson believes this is a good feature for the money. The Plow & spreader will be purchased from U.S. Municipal; A & H will be supplying the bed at a cost of $37,860.  Star Plus will furnish the truck body at a cost of $97,651. These prices are all through the Costars program. A Gunder/Wilson Motion approved purchasing the new truck from the various vendors and installing the camera not to exceed $800 additional. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. South Mountain Box Call changes were reviewed. Mainly just adding Fire Company from Adams County side. A Gunder/Wilson Motion approved the box call changes. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. South Mountain Fire department is requesting the Township to partner with Guilford Township in assisting with tarring and chipping a portion of the parking lot. They are requesting equipment and manpower. The Fire department has received a quote from Hammaker of $3500 to tar and chip. Frank Mong asked if the water that runs across the road by the fire department could be addressed at that time. He was informed that first the road is a state maintained road and that the fire department is located in Guilford Township, not Quincy. After a brief discussion, A Wilson/Gunder motion approved manpower and equipment for up to two days and a $1500 donation toward the paving. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Solicitor had nothing.


  1. The Supervisor had nothing.


  1. There was no final comment, during the period of final public comment.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.