May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016


Members present:     Kerry Bumbaugh

                                        Robert Gunder

                                        Edward Wilson

1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Nine residents and John High, municipal engineer, were in attendance. 

2.      There was no comments during the initial public comment period

3.      The minutes of April 5, 2016  were approved as written and the prior month’s bills except those paid to the Supervisors on a Wilson/Gunder motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

4.      TCE Water Project and Well # 7 progress report was given.

              A. The exploratory well # 7 sampling has been completed and everything is good. DEP  would like a site survey and to see a predrilling plan. Also a study needs to be completed for the bog turtle.  We need to drill a production well next to the exploratory well. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved Negley’s drilling the production well. Motion carried unanimously. Negley’s can get us on the schedule to drill the week of June 10th.

      B.  A 4 inch raw waterline needs to be laid from Well # 7 to the booster station. It is approximately 2500 feet. If HRI installs the line it is just a change order, but first we must have control of the well # 7 property and easements. We will need to get an appraisal for both the Stanley Gates property and David & Tina Bumbaugh’s. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved hiring an appraiser to appraise the properties. Motion carried unanimously.  A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the change order for HRI to install the raw waterline. Motion carried unanimously.  Bill Wilhide asked for what purpose we have drilled an exploratory well and was told it was to determine if sufficient volume existed for a backup well.

       C. We have received quotes for installing service laterals. In the TCE area, the Township was to install the laterals with our crew, but because of the huge workload, can subcontract to other contractors. For HRI it would just be a change order. Valley  Directional Drilling gave us a quote of $18 a foot for boring the laterals if they were guaranteed a minimum of 1000 feet, but        would be more if hits rock. This would be from the meter pit to wall of homes, plus punching through wall. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved using Valley Directional Drilling to install laterals at a cost of $18 a ft. Motion carried unanimously. Frank Mong questioned whether HRI has the capability to do everything that needs to be done in installing the laterals. He was informed that they do. A Gunder/Wilson motion authorized drawing up basic bid specs for borings. Motion carried unanimously.

       D. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved John Kahl, Jr. Excavating to install the mainline extension on Daley Lane. Motion carried unanimously.

       E. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the Township staff, plus John Kahl, Jr. Exc. and Steve Moats to install laterals at a cost for John Kahl, Jr. of $15.50 a foot and Steve Moats at a cost of $15.00 a foot, pending Mr. Moats putting his quote in writing. Motion carried unanimously.

       F. John High, engineer presented the Board with pay request #5 for $640,418.16 from HRI, Inc.  HRI has requested a reduction in the retention from 10% to 5%. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved pay request #5 and reducing the retention. Motion carried unanimously. Also the PRV that was placed on Mentzer Gap Road is higher than grade than originally expected. The  property owner wants it hidden and for B&H to do the work. There is a quote from B & H to make the landscaping more acceptable at $2975.55. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved this quote.   Motion carried unanimously.  Also Jeff Eakle, a plumber, asked about installing the laterals and inside work.  The Board told him to write a proposal and submit to the office.  

5.      A Wilson/Gunder motion tabled the approval for advertising the Sewer Delinquency Ordinance until after the Sewer Authority has a chance to comment publicly it at their meeting on May 16, 2016. Motion carried unanimously.

6.      The Bond Issuance Concept for PSL will be reviewed by the Sewer Authority at their meeting on May 16, 2016 and approval to advertise the Public Hearing for May 17 was approved on a Gunder/Wilson Motion. Motion carried unanimously.

7.      A Gunder/Wilson motion approved changing the May workshop date from May 19, 2016 to May 17, 2016. The PSL Bond issue review/hearing will be conducted at that meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

8.      A discussion was held on water and sewer customers when a portion of their bill is delinquent, which bill does the payment go against. In most municipalities the payment goes on the oldest delinquent portion. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved making a Resolution to address this issue. Motion carried unanimously.

9.      Supervisor Wilson would like water and sewer operators report once a month.

10.  Supervisor Wilson asked about people dumping grass clippings and shrubbery clippings at the Land Fill Road site. He was informed that we had a need for it and that is why people were dumping at the site. Supervisor Gunder informed the Board about a ground breaking ceremony for the PSL project on May 16, 2016 and a breakfast on May 18th at Minnich Manor for the new Parker House Complex.

11.  Supervisor Gunder also informed the Board that a company has already been contacting residents about a warranty for leaks with the ongoing water system.

12.  Supervisor Gunder brought to the Boards attention that the Waynesboro Area School Board would like for the Municipalities to share in the cost of mailing out the per capita tax bills. The Board believes that a meeting between the School District and the Municipalities needs to be held before a decision can be made.

13.  Supervisor Gunder brought to the Boards attention that the Library Tax, which is on the County Real Estate Tax Bill, is all given to the Grove Library and not to the Alexander Hamilton Library. The Board would like to write a letter to the County Commissions asking that the Library Tax Be distributed to all libraries in the County. A Wilson/Gunder Motion Approved writing the letter to the Commissioners. Motion carried unanimously.

14.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board of the Healthy Communities Forum.

15.  Supervisor Bumbaugh also informed the Board that Rick Levan from Penn DOT District 8 looked at the area on Furnace Road where a resident requested a guiderail and informed them that it does not meet the calculations for a guiderail.

16.  Supervisor Bumbaugh also discussed with the Board about the lane which goes from Tomstown road to Landfill Road. That lane is being used by the Township employees and has had some damage to it due to the trucks running through it. The residents along that lane would like for the Township to fix the lane where the damage was done. Supervisor Wilson stated that Corey Kaiser worked on that lane putting millings in it for three days. Frank Mong asked if Supervisor Bumbaugh was requesting to have the road repaired where damaged or to make the lane a through road for anyone to use. Frank was informed for repairing the damage only.

17.  During the final public comment period Charlotte Rhone asked if Corey’s using of the Township’s equipment to work on the lane was a fringe benefit. She was informed that the work he was doing was for the Township and nothing was done on his property.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm. on a Wilson/Gunder motion.