MAY 7, 2019

May 7, 2019

Members present Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson  



1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chairman

Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Nine residents, John Flannery and Boy Scout Troup 88 was in attendance.


2.      During the initial public comment, Boy scout Troup 88 introduced themselves and stated that they were here tonight so they could get a merit badge on Citizenship of the Community. Also, John Flannery, a candidate for Franklin County Commissioner, introduced himself to the Board of Supervisors and the residents in attendance.


3.      The minutes of April 2, 2019 were approved as written along with the bills for April 2019, except those paid to the Supervisors on a Bumbaugh/Wilson motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


4.      An update was given on the Board of View hearing that was held on April 29, 2019 in Chambersburg for the just compensation issue for the Saddle club Property. Solicitor Linus Fenicle defended the case and called witnesses to testify, including the appraiser Stephen O’Farrell, Supervisor Bumbaugh, and an adjoining property owner Cathy Misner, who is selling a 6.6 acre portion of her property to the Township for the Municipal Park for the appraised value of $43,000. Unlike the Saddle Club property, Ms. Misner’s property has road frontage, access to public sewer and is sub-dividable. Solicitor Fenicle needs to submit a written brief to the Board of View outlining the Township’s position.


5.      Supervisor Gunder is meeting tomorrow morning with the Technical Review Appraiser, Mr. Donald Briggs, to have the 6.6 acre Misner Property reviewed.  This appraisal is a requirement of the DCNR Grant.


6.      A Bumbaugh/Wilson Motion approved the Joseph and Cheryl Wible Subdivision on Gap Road. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      The Board discussed the Mont Alto Flooding issue that occurred this past weekend. Jeremy Fogelsonger, the maintenance supervisor from Mont Alto Borough was in attendance to talk to the Board. Supervisor Gunder was out at the location after the storm and later with Jeremy, Chad Miller and Larsen Wenger. Upon investigation, it seems the stream is overflowing it’s banks up stream where it bends and flowing down through the pasture onto Anthony Highway. Also, there is a dam built up in the stream between the two bridges which causes the stream to rise. This is causing major flooding from the Mont Alto Square. There is an old dilapadated drain pipe which runs through property owned by Kenneth Long. Mr. Long is willing to allow the Township and Borough access to do what ever needs to be completed on his property to help alleviate the flooding problem. A permit would need to be obtained from Penn DOT to work on the drain going under Anthony Highway.  DEP would need to be contacted before any cleaning of the stream can begin. The consensus of the Board was that Mont Alto should contact DEP and Franklin County Soils Conservation before proceeding with any work. After their review, Mont Alto, Quincy Township and Penn DOT need to meet and discuss who will complete which part of the project.


8.      A report on the collection of delinquent sewer bills was given. The collection agency has collected $69,610 or 33% of the total delinquent monies to date.


9.      Alan Peck gave a report on up coming events at Heritage Park. On June 8, 2019, there will be a movie night in the Park. The concession stand will be open, and we will be showing the movie “A Dogs Way Home”.  The Movie has been ordered and we will be using sound equipment of Ryan Covalt’s. The Car Show will be held on September 8, 2019. A discussion was held about the Tractor Club using the Park again for their show this fall. The Park and Recreation Committee requested that the Board consider waving the fee for the Tractor Club and the Saddle Club to use the Park facilities for their Events. A Bumbaugh/Wilson Motion approved waving the Fee for the Tractor Club and Saddle Club to use the Park, but we would still be a vendor’s fee if vendors were present.


10.   Supervisor Wilson informed the Board that he will not be available for the June workshop and was wondering if the date could be changed to June 18, 2019.We will change the meeting date if there is an agenda.


11.   Supervisor Bumbaugh addressed information that was being stated to the public on meeting requirements and cancellations of meetings. Per the Second Class Township Code Book, Township needs only to have twelve meetings per year. It is not a requirement to have two meetings per month. Also, the Solicitor is not on a retainer. He is only paid when in attendance at a meeting or doing other requested research for the Township.


12.   Supervisor Gunder has signed the agreement for the $62,000 CDBG money for the 2017 year and the remaining $5,000 CDBG money from 2016.


13.   During final public comment period, Dave Fair asked the Board again about the pipe running under the wall on his property. He was informed again that there is no documentation that the Township installed the pipe, therefore they can not do anything about it.


14.   Alan Peck asked who owns the Quincy Village Water Plant and was informed that the Township does.


15.   Alan Peck also asked about the roof repair that was being completed and whether the insurance will cover the cost of the repairs. The Board informed him that the repair of the roof itself will be covered by the insurance money, but during the process of the repair more problems with the roof became apparent, so that will cost extra.


16.   Alan Peck also commented about spending Township funds supporting the fight against Transource. The Township has not spent any money for the Transource hearings except that incurred by the Solicitor. Also was there a response to the letter sent to the PUC about road damage done by Transource. There has not been a response received at the present time.


17.   The extension of Back Lane was discussed. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the residents that he had contacted the Bakner’s about a right of way, but never received a response from them.


18.   The question was raised about the Township’s involvement of the Conference Nominees to the Republican Party for the special election. This has nothing to do with the Township, except that the votes by Bob Gunder, Kerry Bumbaugh and Travis Schooley, elected members of the Republican Party committee, were not allowed to be counted.


19.   Terry Bonebrake asked why we are upgrading Green Corner Road. He stated that it is on the deed to a piece of property he owned. He was informed that it has been a Township Road for a long time. The road is being upgraded through the Dirt and Gravel Road Grant from the County.


20.   The Board adjourned to an executive session on a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion at 7:58 pm.


21.   The Board reconvened at 8:01pm. stated that they discussed property acquisition negotiations.


22.   The meeting adjourned at 8:02pm. on a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion.