November 7, 2018



Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson  

Solicitor: Jon Cox


  1. Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 6:55 p.m. by Chairman

    Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Four residents were in attendance.


  2. There was no initial public comment period.


  3. The minutes of October 25, 2018 were approved as written and the bills for October 2018 except those paid to the Supervisors on a Gunder/Wilson motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Ordinance #157, Authorizing and Directing Issuance of a General Obligation Bond of this Township in the Maximum Principal Amount of $3,138,600 was approved on a Wilson/ Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved advertising the 2019 proposed Township budget for adoption at the December 20 workshop. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the Jacob & Cathy Sweet Subdivision. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Supervisor Wilson asked about the house on South Mountain. He was informed there was a for-sale sign on the property from Ronnie Martin Realty. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved sending a letter  to the new property owner and Ronnie Martin Realty about cleaning up the property. They must have the clean- up process started in 60 days and have it completed in 6 months. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. The Township has received final confirmation of the Dirt and Gravel Road Grant to complete Green Corner Road.


  1. We are still awaiting on the paper work from the Franklin County Planning Department for the leftover CDBG grant money to begin the work on the Tomstown Road Waterline Extension. 


  1. The Township has received a donation from the Joe Ressler Family of the school bell that was hung in the belfry of the old Tomstown School. We are in the process of refurbishing the bell and will display it, and an appropriate plague giving recognition to the donors, at a prominent location to be determined in the future.


  1. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved hiring a new employee since we have lost two employees in the past several months. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. There will be an executive session next week on possible litigation. The hearing for the Saddle Club is scheduled for November 20, 2018.


  1. There was a question from a resident about the concrete post in the parking lot near the building. An explanation of expanding the building roof was given.


  1. Frank Mong asked about when we were getting the new truck that we ordered last year. He was informed that we have been using it. It was received earlier this year.


  1. The employee Christmas dinner will be on December 20, 2018 after the Workshop meeting.


  1. The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm. on a Gunder/Wilson motion.