November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson          

Solicitor:               Linus Fenicle                   


  1. Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman

    Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Seventeen residents, Recorder Herald Reporter, and Travis Schooley were in attendance.


  2. During initial public comment, Connie Mong asked why the Saddle Club Property was on the agenda since at the previous meeting the Board was told to stop anything they were doing. She was informed that the Board is still interested in securing an appraisal for the property should it be available.


  3. Charlotte Rhone read a list of issues she wanted answered from an unsigned letter sent out during the election campaign. She asked about the $59 tax reference; septic system fee; cleanup of the Woodlief property; why meeting date changes are not advertised; why vehicles are leased and receiving fuel reimbursement without fuel logs; about people not getting building permits; about a wall paid for by Township on personal property; locked files, and RTK information. She was informed that the Woodlief issue is with the code enforcement officer; septic systems are approved by the sewage enforcement officer not the Board of Supervisors; vehicles used by working supervisors are leased back to the Township at a $1 per year since the Township doesn’t have enough vehicles for everyone, and these individuals pay for their own insurance, but per the previous Township solicitor, they must be listed as additional insured on Township policy if claims are to be honored. Also, the fuel reimbursement rate is set by the Board in accordance with Federal standards. Mileage logs are kept but there is no requirement to keep fuel logs since the standard mileage rate includes fuel.  Further, the wall referred to was damaged during the sewer main installation and former Supervisor Sanders made a motion that an engineer review the situation and a Sander/Gunder motion approved the engineers’ recommendation to replace the wall. Supervisor Bumbaugh abstained from the vote. Regarding locked files, no one has keys to the office files after hours except the Township Secretary and anyone requesting to see files must look at them in the presence of the Secretary. As for the $59 tax there is no such levy; property taxes have not been raised in the Township in more than 25 years and the County does the property assessment not the Board of Supervisors. For verification, Ms. Rhone can contact Anita Keller at the County Assessment Office. Gwen Gates stated that she might not want to contact the assessment office or they may reassess her property at a higher rate.


  4. The minutes of October 26, 2017 were approved as written and the bills for October except those paid to the Supervisors on a Wilson/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Penn National Town Center Update was given. We have received the draft agreement from White Rock on testing the well on the former Knouse property, but they showed the wrong location. The Township engineer gave them the correct drawing as to where the well site is located. A Wilson/Gunder motion authorized Supervisor Gunder to sign the agreement once the Solicitor has reviewed and okayed. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A Wilson/Gunder motion tabled the Waynesboro Fire Company Contract until next meeting since Mr. Wilson has not had an opportunity to review the data supplied by the Secretary. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Final approval has been received for the CDBG for the Tomstown waterline extension. The amount is $62,594, but we may not see the funding until 2018. 


  1. The Tomstown Fairview Street Light Account was discussed. The bank would like to terminate the account. There is approximately $40,000 in the account and it is approximately $2000 per quarter for the lights. The trustee cannot be changed but the settler can be changed which means only the statements would come to the Township. However, if the Township doesn’t do anything the trust agreement would continue until funds are depleted. Supervisor Gunder stated that the bank has supplied some PEF code language that would allow termination subject to the AG’s approval.  He will make sure the Solicitor gets this information. On a Wilson/Gunder motion the Board agreed to table until the next meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. The Kenneth Hauk Subdivision plans will be put on hold until the SEO provides the approved Form B, Non-Building Waiver.  He has some concerns with selling off land while the applicant is adding additional living space to his home, for which the current septic system may not accommodate.


  1. The Franklin county Area Tax Bureau has submitted their 2018 Budget for the municipalities to review. The proposed cost for collection by the Bureau to Quincy Township is 1.96 %, which is below the 2.0% rate approved by the Tax Collection Committee.  A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the 2018 Budget for the Franklin County Area Tax Bureau.


  1. The Township has received information from PSATS that the State Gaming Board has approved 10 Category 4 Mini-casinos to be located somewhere throughout Pennsylvania.  PSATS also provided a Resolution for each municipality to consider if they want to prohibit these casinos within the Township. The Resolution must be adopted by the end of the year. The Township may in the future pass another Resolution to rescind the prohibition, but it no longer has the authority to prohibit a second time. If a mini casino is selected for a particular Township, 2% of the revenue would go to   that Township. If we do not pass the Resolution prohibiting casinos in our Township, the Solicitor stated that our Zoning Ordinance would dictate control of the location under the Recreation definition. Supervisor Gunder suggested that we research our zoning ordinance and determine where it would be allowed as a recreation if not prohibited. Board agreed to table the issue until the next meeting.


  1. The Mount Valley Riders Saddle Club Property status was addressed at this time. Connie Mong asked what issues need to be discussed. She stated that the club is a private club and that she met with their attorney on October 30 and the Township was to cease and desist with all activity to do with the club property. The Township sent a letter to the Saddle Club Board that the Township is interested in the property. Gwen Gates informed the Board of Supervisors that she knew nothing about that and that some information was being kept from the members, but she understands that the merger has happened. Bobby Ann Berklite asked why they are merging two failing saddle clubs? Kathy Misner asked about letter which was sent from the Township because the members never saw the letter and the members are under the impression that the property is going to be sold.  The Township’s interest was raised at the beginning because Connie Mong called the Township and told the Township clerk that the property was going to be sold and maybe we would like to have as a part of the park. There are a lot of legal issues with the title since it was sold to a nonprofit organization and no such organization was apparently ever formed. Supervisor Wilson never saw the letter that was sent. Lindsay McTalsky stated that it is nobody’s property at this point. Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that the property was sold to a nonprofit for $2 and was to be kept in the community per the only surviving member of the Association. The Supervisors need to keep in mind that they are only interested in the real estate. Connie Mong informed the Board that the club voted to merge. The club members need to decide what they want to do as a club when it comes to the property. Gwen Gates informed that Board that the club is not property, but people. Linda Geesaman spoke as a resident of the Township and past member of the club and she would like to know what is going to happen to the grounds, because as a former member of the club she never got any information. Supervisor Bumbaugh asked about the attorney coming to the meetings. And Lindsay Mctalsky asked that the attorney attend, but was informed he was not allowed. Tracey Geesaman wanted to bring their attorney to the club meeting, but was informed only members could attend the meetings. The Township is only concerned with the property and what is going to happen to it. Connie Mong met with just the Executive Board of the club; not the members. The Township would like a letter from the club’s attorney stating that the Township must cease and desist. Connie Mong stated she would supply such a letter. Kathy Misner stated that the original owners’ intention was for the property to stay in the community; not go elsewhere. The Township Supervisors would like to see it be part of our Township. Gwen Gates stated that the bylaws state that it must go to charity. Supervisor Bumbaugh asked the members of the club who would object if the club property was a part of our community and the only one to object out of 24 members present was Connie Mong. After further discussion Connie Mong stated that she did not object to it becoming part of the community. Supervisor Gunder stated that the Board is a microcosm of the Township and we need to look out for the betterment of the community, and if we don’t feel that way we have no business being on the Board.  Supervisor Wilson also stated that he does not have a problem with the Township purchasing the property. The Township Solicitor stated that there is a legal issue with the ownership of the property. Alan Peck said that if club can’t work out their differences and ownership is not theirs then they would be tenants only. Theresa Geesaman stated that if the deed is in a different name and everyone is aware of this anyone could claim that property. Supervisor Bumbaugh would like to encourage the club to meet and salvage the club and allow the Township to take over the property and be responsible for the maintenance. Tina Mentzer would like to see the club run as a club and stay here in the Township and let the members run the club just not a few people. Charlee Landis stated she would like to see the club and grounds stay within the Township. Helen Mong stated that the intention is for the money from the sale to go to the Silver Star Saddle club, but that it was to go to charities. Gwen Gates stated that she appreciated that the Board let each person have their say on the subject.


  2. Supervisor Wilson presented a spreadsheet about the sewer plant being over the BOD limits with the times and dates, and asked for a water and wastewater report like this each month.


  1. Supervisor Wilson also addressed the letter that was sent to residents before the election. He wanted the residents present to know that he had nothing to do with that letter. He didn’t write the letter. The Township Secretary also reported that the letter which was supposed to make the Supervisor who was running for reelection look bad, but it made the employees of the Township look bad, not the Supervisors. The employees of the Township do their jobs to the best of their ability and within the state regulation placed on them by the Second Class Township code.  Frank Mong also stated that he had nothing to do with the BS letter, but had sent out the letter about his qualifications and he mailed the second letter himself. Connie Mong also stated that it was plastered all over Facebook and she had nothing to do with the letter. Tina Mentzer asked what letter because apparently not every resident in the Township received both letters.


  1. Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that DEP is not going to abandon any contaminated wells in the Tomstown Triangle until next spring.


  1. Supervisor Gunder told the Board that the Sewer loan refinancing was going to save the Township approximately $229,508, and it will be with a financial institution. We are also looking at refinancing the various water projects that need to be done. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved having Scott Kramer and Jon Cox look at refinancing our water project line of credit. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved advertising the 2018 Budget. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved rescheduling the November 22 work shop to November 30 at 8:30 am and cancelling the December 5, 2017 regularly scheduled meeting. Motion carried unanimously. Our 2018 Budget will be passed at our December 21, 2017 workshop.


  1. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that the Mont Alto Fire Company Fire Relief audit is available for inspection. Also, Township employee Christmas party will be held on December 19 at a location to be determined.


  1. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved giving the employees a Christmas bonus of the same amount as last year for 2017. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Jim Maun from William Brindle Associates has been our SEO for years. Jim is not going to do any more on-site SEO work, instead he is going to be having Jonathan Piper do the leg work, but our contact would still be through Brindle ’s office.


  1. The Solicitor had nothing to add. Secretary/Treasurer had nothing.


  1. During the final public comment, a question was asked about if we might still be going with Mont Alto for water for the Penn National Town Center, but Mont Alto has not set a meeting date yet.


  1. Charlotte Rhone asked if we could invest in a microphone or speak louder, because she could not hear everything being said.


  1. The Board adjourned to an executive session at 8:44 pm. on a Wilson/ Gunder motion regarding the possible property purchase. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. The Board reconvened at 9:04 pm. following discussion on possible property purchase. Our Solicitor and the Saddle Clubs attorney (Clint Barkdoll) and several member’s attorney (Dave Rahauser) should have a meeting. Supervisor Wilson spoke for the Board. He informed the residents present that the buildings on the Saddle Clubs property will not meet code compliance. They are not handicap accessible and getting them into compliance can be quite costly. The Board has learned that water for club events is supplied by an on-lot cistern and the Club would have to foot the bill for connection to public water, which is within mandatory connection distance.  The Board is concerned because they would like to see the club members have the use of the grounds. The property which is up for sale has a problem with the title. The Board would like to propose that the Club work with the Township and if purchased by Township, it could be voted on that the club have primary use of the grounds before anybody else. This would mean that a schedule would need to be made and plan for events. It is in the middle of our park and it could benefit all. Supervisor Wilson informed the members present that the Board would do everything in our power to allow the members of the club to use the grounds first. Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that the Board knows that the club doesn’t have the funds to straighten out the title and if the Township would like to purchase the real estate, it could be a win-win for everyone involved. Kathy Misner agrees with Supervisor Wilson that we could come to an agreement and work out a contract. The main reason the Board is interested is because of the location adjoining our park and was at one-time part of the property that is now owned by the Township. The Board would like the Solicitors to come up with the best solution. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the Township having an appraisal completed on the Mount Valley Saddle Clubs property. Motion Carried unanimously.

  2. The meeting adjourned at 9:34 p.m. on a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion.