October 4, 2016

October 4, 2016


Members present:    Kerry Bumbaugh

                                       Robert Gunder

                                       Edward Wilson

          Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                   


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Twenty residents were in attendance. 

2.      During the initial public comment, Allen Strausner of 7169 Slabtown Road had questions about 7093 Slabtown Road which was granted a conditional use for expansion of their mobile home park. Mr. Strausner question the scale used on one of the sketch plans he saw. He was informed that our Zoning Ordinance doesn’t require a specific scale for a sketch plan.  He is also concerned that the children in that community would not have an area to play if they pay recreational fee without a play area. Also Mr. Strausner questioned as to why property not posted. Solicitor will review requirement about posting.  Mr. Strausner would also like to see in writing that the mobile home park was granted a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board in 2000 to increase number of mobile home from 14to 30. He was informed that the information is available through right to know.  He is also concerned about the natural drainage area, but was informed that an engineer will have to review and approve once plans have been submitted to the Township.  Rob Gilford, 7054 Slabtown Road, also questioned why he did not receive a letter about the hearing.  John Bowling, 6682 Slabtown Road, wanted clarification about the Zoning Hearing Board approving 30 mobile homes on an existing piece of ground and he believes the zoning is now stricter, but can now put 47 on that property. He was informed that the applicants recently purchased more ground to expand the acreage to more than 10 acres in compliance with the zoning ordinance requirements, and a mobile home park is listed as a conditional use in that district. Charlotte Rhone from South Mountain asked about a personnel issue and was told such discussion must take place in an executive session rather than a public meeting.

3.      Carroll Wilhide, Chairman of the Sewer Authority, questioned about the sewer refinancing and the savings being used to help cover cost of water project. The Board informed Mr. Wilhide that the sewer loan is now a Township loan and the Solicitor has informed the Township that they can do that with this savings.

4.      The minutes of September 6, 2016 were approved as written and the prior month’s bills, except those paid to the Supervisors, on a Gunder/ Wilson motion, with Supervisor Wilson voting no.

5.      TCE Water Project and Well # 7 progress report was given. The hydro-geologist is on site at well #7 and is confident that the well will clear up.

6.      A Waiver of lot addition for Helen Jones Estate on Shade Lane was discussed. Ms. Jones wishes to sell a 10+ acre adjoining lot to a neighboring farmer; however, the approved subdivision plan from 1975 contains a provision that the lot not be sold separately unless a future Board waives that provision.  A Wilson/Gunder motion approved allowing Ms. Jones to sell that property to the adjoining farmer. Motion carried unanimously.

7.      The Township is in need of another Truck as a backup. Greene Township has a 1992 Mack for sale with only 37,000 miles.  Mr. Izer and Mr. Birely have driven the truck and the Roadmaster Mr. Bumbaugh has inspected it.  Supervisor Gunder has also seen the truck and spoken to their Roadmaster.  Greene Township has informed him that the truck, which comes with plow and spreader, with a like-new aluminum bed, has been very well maintained recently and the engine is solid and according to their Roadmaster could last another 10 years.  Greene Township is asking $16,000 and plans on taking it to the October COG Auction in Marion. A new truck would cost $198,000, but this would be a good option to have as backup during snowplowing season. Supervisor Wilson doesn’t agree with purchasing all this equipment.  Mr. Bumbaugh stated that the aluminum bed on the truck, which is worth the asking price alone, could be taken off and placed on another township truck if need be. Supervisor Bumbaugh would like to offer Greene $14,000 and see if they will accept. Supervisor Gunder believes that we will not be losing any money by purchasing the truck if the bed can be used and/or the truck sold at auction in the future. Supervisor Wilson believes we should take our chance at the auction. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved offering Greene Township $13,500 and, if not accepted, attending the auction and bidding up to, but not to exceed $13,500. Motion carried unanimously.

8.      Supervisor Gunder informed the Board about an incident that involved residents of New Hope Ranch. A complaint was received in the office about this facility. Township had the Zoning Officer look into the merits of the complaint, and found that the operators of the facility do not appear to be culpable in any way since the accident was in a privately-owned vehicle operated by a non-resident of the Ranch.  Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that the Township does not fund this facility and we can’t dictate where people live, but the County does provide a subsidy, and neighbors offended by its operation should complain to the County.

9.      Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that a resident on Anthony Highway ran over a sign post anchor with his lawn mower, and received damage to his mower.  The sign had been damaged; was removed by PennDot but they left the anchor remaining sticking out of the ground.   Penn DOT’s liability insurance specialist has informed the Township and the resident that they are not liable for the damage to his mower since they did not own the sign, even though they removed it without the Township’s knowledge.

10.  Per Capita Tax exonerations were reviewed and a Gunder/Wilson motion exonerated the Tax Collector from collecting those taxes. Motion carried unanimously.

11.  Supervisor Bumbaugh will be out of town for our first meeting in November, so that meeting is going to be cancelled. Our next meeting will be on November 23, 2016 at 8:30 am.

12.  During the final period of public comment, Charlotte Rhone, South Mountain, asked about the yellow lines not being painted on Old Forge Road. She was informed that we are at the mercy of our contractor for scheduling purposes. He will give us two days’ notice so we can sweep the roads. Alpha Space is the only contractor in the area that paints lines on roads.

13.  Rebecca Allison wanted to know if the workshop date and time would be on the website.  She was informed that all Township meetings are listed on the website. 

14.  Barry Brinkman, 6536 Slabtown Road, asked about the amount of traffic that will be created on Slabtown Road from the Mobile home park and he was informed that the property owners will have to apply to Penn DOT since Slabtown Road is a state road for a Highway Occupancy permit and the state will address the traffic issue at the time the permit is received.

15.  Allen Strausner asked about more hearings on this Mobile Home park land development on Slabtown Road and was informed that it would be addressed during normal meetings, not public hearings.  Supervisor Gunder assured Mr. Strausner that he would be notified when the plans are scheduled for review.

16.  Frank Mong asked whether residents could speak about the plan for the mobile home park at the Planning Commission meeting and he was informed that they could.

17.  Terry Bonebrake asked about placing a hidden driveway sign on Barkdoll Lane. He was informed that the more signs that are posted the less drivers pay attention to them over the long haul. 

18.  A Gunder/Wilson motion approved adjourning to an executive meeting at 8:30 pm. for a personnel issue.

19.  The Board reconvened at 8:40 p.m.  No action was reported on the personnel issue from the Executive Session.

20.  The Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm. on a Gunder/Wilson Motion.