September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014



Members present: Robert Gunder                 

                             Wilbur Sanders

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

Solicitor: John Lisko


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Four residents & Paul Schimel were in attendance.


2.      There was no initial public comment.


3.      The Minutes of August 21, 2014 along with the bills except those paid to the Supervisors were approved with one correct to item # 4 that the EPA called Supervisor Gunder not Senator Toomey’s office, on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.       An update was given to the Municipal Park Project. Advertisement for bids for Upper Comfort Station was placed in the paper. We received one bid from GRC General Contractors for the general work at a quote of $128,308. No other bids were received. A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved rejecting the bid do to amount. Motion carried unanimously. Also A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved re-advertising the bid for the Upper Comfort Station. Motion carried unanimously. Concession stand is 90% completed and bathroom is 70% completed.


5.       The Tomstown/Furnace Road Water Project was discussed. The line from Tomstown to Fox Hill has been completed except for a forty foot section to finish the connection. Also the fire hydrants on Furnace Road need to be placed correctly. At the present they are backward and the fire department would have a hard time connecting. Well #6will need to have the 72 hour pump test schedules.


6.      The Homer Mong Subdivision was approved on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion pending approval of sewer planning module from DEP. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      Old Forge Road Bridge needs to be repaired or replaced. The stones under the bridge need to be clean out. Also welding need to be done. After a brief discussion on possible ways to remedy the situation. The Board decided to look for estimates to sandblast bridge and concrete abutments and spans from Nitterhouse. They will look at the budget and check about replacing in four or five years.


8.      A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved getting estimates on the office building roof replacing with metal. Motion carried unanimously.


9.      There was no zoning officer present and no written report given.


10.  Supervisor Bumbaugh would like a letter of support written for the Waynesboro Fire department on compliance with law item #1720 for holding a truck for three minutes before it responds to a call so it does not leave the station with only a driver. Secretary to write letter.


11.  Supervisor Bumbaugh gave the Board a copy of an inter-municipal agreement for mutual aid to review and give comment on. Also we will be discussing the Right to Know Law at our County Association Fall meeting.


12.  A discussion followed on the Right to Know law and all the request we are receiving at the Township. One Request now is for address of all residences in the Township. We cannot disclose police, judges and school teacher address. We do not have any way of knowing who fits into those categories. Secretary is to call School district and request list of school teacher.


13.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that we have received a set of as builts for the Park from John Melham.


14.  A Sanders/ Gunder motion approved rental of the gazebo in October from a Township resident for $25. Motion carried unanimously.


15.  No final public comment.


16.  Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm on a Sanders/ Gunder motion.