September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011


Members present: Robert Gunder

                           Kerry Bumbaugh  

                            Wilbur Sanders


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30am. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. No residents were in   attendance, but employees Joe Schorn and Ed Wilson were in attendance. 

 2.      The minutes of August 25, 2011 were approved as written along with the bills for the prior month, except those paid to the Supervisors on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  

 3.      There was no initial public comment.

 4.      The Amendment to the Quincy Township Zoning Ordinance for the Floodplain and Solar Energy was approved on a Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion. The Flood Plain Map will take effect on January 1, 2012. Motion carried unanimously.

 5.      The Public Water System Tap & User Fee Ordinance was slightly different than originally stated. The distribution charge went from $163 to $423 and amending the ordinance to include that sewer or water can be shut off if they are delinquent.  Ordinance #142 was approved on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 6.       A brief discussion followed on shutting off delinquent sewer accounts even though they are not connecting to public water. Antrim Township is looking into this possibility and we will contact them to see what rights the Township may have to do this.

 7.      Resolution 2011 – 5, Purchase of the PSL Water System was approved on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.

8.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved submitting the revised budget for the water system to DEP. The budget has gone from 3 million to 5 ½ million due to not obtain the wells from Knouse. Motion carried unanimously.

 9.      Before the Township can proceed with the Municipal Park, a species impact review must be completed for the spade foot toad. The Board approved hiring Steve Goodyear to do the species impact review on a Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 10.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that we have received $91,074 CDBG money to complete Furnace Road water line. The Township is to have water in the lines by March of 2012.

 11.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion reappointed Emily Moore to the Planning Commission. Motion carried unanimously.

 12.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the MMO (Minimum Municipal Obligation) for the Township Pension Plan for 2012 at an amount of $23,186.23. Motion carried unanimously.

 13.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that Bill Eck has spoken to him about the mower. Last year we repaired the mower at a cost of $3,000 and so far this year we have spent $2,988 on repairs and we have an estimate of $3,100 for more repairs that are needed. They have priced new and used mowers, a used one is around $39,500 and a new one is around $59,000. Supervisor Bumbaugh would like for Supervisor Sanders and Gunder to speak to Bill Eck about the present mower. We may need to look at a replacement next year. We can get by with the old mower for the remainder of the mowing season this year.

 14.  Supervisor Bumbaugh and Joe Schorn met with representatives of Quincy Home. The Home would like the Township to have softened water and Quincy would pay for the salt which would have to be in the whole water system if the Township softens the water. Supervisor Sanders believes that it is the Home’s problem to soften their own water, because each Township resident will have to have the water softened if they want softened water. Quincy Home can put the water softener on their side of the line and our employees would have to monitor, but the home would do the feeding. A special license is required to soften the water. We will have to have an agreement with Quincy Home for our employees to have the license and to monitor. Quincy Home will have to have the agreement written.

 15.  The Supervisors okayed tarring and chipping the driveway to the water plant next week while we are tarring and chipping other roads in the Township and have the equipment available.

 16.  A Sanders/Gunder motion approved doing minor repairs at the water plant before our next Supervisors meeting. They can expend up to $3,000 on repairs. Motion carried unanimously.

 17.  Supervisor Bumbaugh is handling the theft issue of sewer covers. Eight were taken from a building at Penn National.

 18.  Supervisor Sanders got the agreement signed by Dwayne Smith for excess to the well sites over his property. Mr. Smith would like to be contacted first when we are going to be going to the well site through his property. Also Sue Gates has signed a letter of consent. Our best route to access the well site may be over the access through Monns’  Drive. If we use the cul de sac off Tarman Springs Road we will have to cut off all ATV traffic on old logging road because of the well protection area.

 19.  A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion authorized Supervisor Gunder to sign all closing documents for the Acquisition of the Quincy Home Water System. Motion carried unanimously.

 20.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that Tina Helman has requested using the grounds here at the office building for a Fall Feast on October 15, 2011 to benefit the Cancer Society. The person on duty at the Sewer will open the building for access to the rest rooms and Joe Schorn will close the building.

 21.  Lane Carbaugh and Jeff Grove from the South Mountain Fire Department arrived at 9:25 am. To discuss the contract. We have a contract with South Mountain Fire Department that we signed in January 2011, but was never signed by the fire department. The Fire department has not submitted invoices to the township to receive payment for their contract in 2009 and 2010.To correct this the Fire department will need to submit an invoice for 2009 and 2010 and sign the contract for 2011. Jeff Grove signed the contract on behalf of the fire department. A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved paying the back contract amount once invoices are submitted. Motion carried unanimously.

 22.  Mr. Carbaugh and Mr. Grove also informed us that SMRC will no longer allow the fire department to use the hydrants connected to their property, but the fire department must respond to fire calls there and do not get any monetary support from the Restoration Center The Township is going to send a letter to Representative Rock, Senator Alloway and Representative Moul on behalf of the Fire Department requesting their support for the fire department being able to use the hydrants.

 23.  Supervisor Bumbaugh explained to Supervisor Gunder why he left the COG meeting on Wednesday morning.

 24.  The meeting adjourned at 9:47 am on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion.