April 29, 2013


29 April 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT:     Lee Daywalt

                                                        Richmond Adkins                                                   

                                                        Harold Moritz                               

                                                        Heather Peiffer

                                                        Emily Moore

Solicitor:      Ed Wine


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Daywalt at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes from November 26, 2012 were approved on an Adkins/Peiffer motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Donald & Isabelle Hess Lot Addition was recommended for approval on a Peiffer/Moritz motion with z’s added. Motion carried unanimously.


The Dollar General Subdivision Plans were reviewed. Residents from the area that the Dollar General Store is planning on building were present to address the Planning Commission. (A list of names and addresses are on file). Sean Dulaney representing the developer is present. This is a prototype Dollar General Store. Harold Moritz asked if cookie cutter building made to fit area and met the different regulations for each municipality. The property will be purchased by the developer and Dollar General will rent the building. The developer cannot obligate Dollar General to anything. The Planning Commission reviewed the comments from Martin & Martin.  The proposed lot is not in the flood plain since FEMA redid the flood plain maps, but it was in the flood plain on the old maps. The storm water regulations state that the property owner is responsible for keeping the water on their own property. William Geesaman stated that FEMA moved the flood plain back. The Township engineers will have to determine what is needed to contain the flood waters. The residents are also concerned about the traffic in the area. Melody Walters, Charles Kauffman and William Geesaman, all stated their concerns about traffic congestion and possible traffic controls. Ordean Bakner stated about Township requesting money from Rutters for the purchase of a traffic light at the intersection of Slabtown Road and Anthony Highway. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the residents that there has been a meeting with Penn Dot over the intersection and a possible traffic light. Penn DOT has the decision on whether a traffic light is warranted. If Penn DOT says a light is needed then the cost is on the Township’s tax payers or the developer. Penn Dot cannot require existing businesses to contribute to the traffic light. A Daywalt/Peiffer motion approved the plan as a preliminary plan which needs to go to appropriate authorities for storm water issues, Franklin County Planning Approval, Sewer Authority approval, PENN DOT for a HOP and traffic study to be completed and reviewed by the Township’s engineer before coming back to the Planning Commission. Motion carried unanimously. Dotty Geesaman asked if they had their HOP from Penn Dot yet and was informed that they did not. William Geesaman questioned about the possibility of adding turning lanes to address turning issue. The residents in attendance were requested to sign an attendance sheet.


A Moritz/Daywalt motion approved changing the May meeting from May 27, Memorial Day to May 28, 2013. Motion carried unanimously. Dollar General will be on the agenda.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. on a Daywalt/ Moore motion.