June 24, 2013


24 June 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT:         Lee Daywalt

                                                            Richmond Adkins                                                   

                                                            Harold Moritz                               

                                                            Heather Peiffer

Solicitor:      Ed Wine


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Daywalt at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes from April 29, 2013 were approved on a Moritz/Adkins motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Waynesboro Fish & Game Association request for membership in the Agriculture Security Program was discussed. The tree farm that the Fish & Game Association owns is what they would like to preserve for the future. The whole parcel owned by the Fish & Game must be included in the security program per the Franklin County Planning Commission. Harold Moritz asked since not wholly farming how does it met the criteria to be in the program and was informed being part of a farm makes it able to be included. This will protect it from being developed. An Adkins/Moritz motion recommended that the Waynesboro Fish & Game Associations parcel of 88 acres be included in the Agricultural security program. Motion carried unanimously.


A Daywalt/ Peiffer motion approved recommending the Russell Miller Lot Addition be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Motion carried unanimously.


The Dollar General Subdivision Plan was reviewed. Sean Delany representing the Dollar General plan informed the Commission that modest changes had been made in reference to the storm water and that the concerns of traffic have been addressed. Ilene Pauletta a traffic engineer for Dollar General, from Trans Associates expanded the data from 2006 that she used to project the impact the traffic from the Dollar General Store would have on traffic on 997. From the study she did the traffic signal at the intersection of Slabtown Road and Anthony Highway would not be warranted until 2019, if no further development. The approximate cost of a signal would be around $190,000 now, but could be $200,000 by 2017. The Dollar General has received their Highway Occupancy Permit from Penn Dot. Since Penn Dot is not requiring a traffic study, the Board of Supervisors has agreed to allow Dollar General to pay a fee in lieu of the traffic study. The storm water has been addressed per Martin & Martins recommendations. The water will be redirected around the site from the front of the store to the rear by grading done in that direction. Tim Cormandy from Martin & Martin stated that they are satisfied with the storm water plans and that the design has exceeded the Township’s requirements. Member Moritz stated that it appears they have addressed all of the Planning Commission’s comments. Dottie Geesaman asked if the Planning Commission had been informed that Dollar General Developer and the Supervisors were holding a special meeting. Solicitor Wine informed Mrs. Geesaman that the Planning Commission did not need to know because they are only an advisory committee. Bill Geesaman questioned about traffic study. Solicitor Wine informed Mr. Geesaman, that even if traffic study done we cannot make them put in a light because it is an offsite improvement. Mr. Geesaman said it looks like it was easier to take $20,000 than have them do a traffic study. Solicitor Wine informed Mr. Geesaman that even if the Township made them do a traffic study, Penn Dot has already given them an HOP and the Township has no say about the traffic there. It would be better for the Township to have received money in lieu of traffic study which can be used for safety improvements instead of money going for a traffic study which will not impact the outcome because Royal Farms does not have a plan on file which would impact the traffic. Member Daywalt stated that a traffic study looks at side roads and their impact on the traffic to a main artery.  Safety is the main issue which the Township can request a safety study for the intersection of Slabtown Road and Anthony Highway. A Moritz/Peiffer motion recommended approval of the Dollar General Subdivision plans and request that the Township Supervisors request a safety study from Penn DOT from Pentz’s to Mount Zion Road to see if they can get any safety improvements from Penn DOT. Also they recommended approval to include acceptance of $20,000 in lieu of a traffic study. Motion carried unanimously.


There was no further public comment.


The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm. on a Daywalt/ Moritz motion.