October 28, 2013


28 October 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT:         Lee Daywalt

                                                            Richmond Adkins                                                   

                                                            Harold Moritz                               

                                                            Emily Moore


Solicitor:      Ed Wine


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Daywalt at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes from September 30, 2013 were approved on a Moore/Adkins motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


The John Hazlinsky Subdivision Plan was reviewed. Mark Bard from All Land Services was in attendance to discuss the plans. The revisions requested by the Planning Commission have been made on the plans. Soil Conservation has not given their approval yet. A Moore/Daywalt motion recommended approval of the plans contingent on approval being received from Soil Conservation. Motion carried unanimously.


Mark Bard asked the Planning Commission to review Charlie Pentz Subdivision even though he has not submitted the correct documents to the Township. He has received the comments from Martin & Martin and from the Planning Commission and the new plans have everything that was asked addressed except item # 6 from Martin & Martin. There is soil testing that needs to be completed. After the explanation from Mark Bard, a Moritz/Adkins motion recommended approval pending the soil testing requested being completed. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Bard also requested that the Planning Commission review the Kenneth Hauk Land Development Plan even though the corrected plans have not been submitted to the Township. Mr. Bard informed the Planning Commission all of the comments have been addressed and that Martin & Martin have also requested a soils test . A Daywalt/Moore motion recommended for approval the Kenneth Hauk Land Development Plan pending the soil test being completed as requested. Motion carried unanimously.


Allen & Gail Mills Lot Addition was recommended for approval on a Moore/Daywalt motion. Motion carried unanimously.


There was no public comment


The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm on a Daywalt/Moritz motion.