August 19, 2013

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of August 19, 2013 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Wilhide followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with members Eugene Flasher, Kerry Bumbaugh, Aaron Moats, and Robert Gunder present.  Solicitor Rahauser was also in attendance. Two Township residents were in attendance. Chairman Wilhide requested a moment of silence in memory of Joseph Middour a former Supervisor and Sewer Authority member who passed away today. The Supervisors are flying the flag at half-mast in Joe’s memory.

             The Minutes of May 20, 2013 were approved on a Flasher/Wilhide motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 There was no public comment.

 Member Bumbaugh informed the Authority members that the Supervisors appointed Robert Gunder to fill the term of Laura Justus who resigned in April 2013.

Dennis Koons was present to discuss a tap fee proposal. Mr. Koons is building a new dwelling on a subdivided piece of property located off of Penn Street in Mont Alto. His property is in Quincy Township and the Quincy sewer line goes through his property. At the time of Mr. Koons’ subdivision, he was granted a $3000 tap fee for the existing dwelling on the residue and he would have to connect when his on lot system failed. Mr. Koons is requesting that the $3000 tap fee he paid be used for the new residence he is building. The Supervisors recommended that the Sewer Authority approve this request. The Sewer Authority is concerned about the residue connection to the public sewer. The agreement made prior needs clarified under C. This should be that the residue or existing dwelling when sold or transfer would have to connect to sewer even if convention al system is working and will have to pay current tap fee. After some discussion, A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approve the $3000 tap fee being transfer to new dwelling and any future transfer or conveyance of existing house or residue will result in connection to public sewer at the current tap fee. Motion carried unanimously.

Solicitor had nothing.

Solicitor Rahauser has not sent letter to Mont Alto about Joint Authority and asked if still want sent and also to include sending one to Guilford and would like a response back by September 16th.

A Bumbaugh/Moats motion approved the checks written for May, June. July 2013. Motion carried unanimously.

Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Authority that we have received notification from Attorney Tom Murphy about Wilbur Shank‘s estate since he has passed away and there is nothing let in his estate to pay the outstanding sewer bill.

Patti Nitterhouse and Lance Kegerris are going to meet with Bob and Kerry tomorrow. They would like Carroll Wilhide to also be present if he is available.

The 2012 Audit for the authority has been completed and Carroll will sign and it will be advertised.

There was no final public comment.

Eugene Flasher questioned about the half price user fee if a home is vacant. Bob and Kerry informed him that the house must be vacant for six months prior to asking for the reduction in the user fee. But will have to pay full rate when house is occupied again.

The meeting adjourned on a Bumbaugh/Flasher motion at 7:555pm.