June 18, 2018

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of June7, 2018 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice Chairman Moats followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with members Kerry Bumbaugh, Robert Gunder, Aaron Moats, and Steve Bakner present.  Solicitor Rahauser was not in attendance. Jim Kauffman was also in attendance.

             The Minutes of November 20, 2017 & one bill and Solicitor Rahauser’s bill was approved on a Bumbaugh/Moats motion. Motions carried unanimously.

There was no initial public comment.

A Moats/Bakner motion approved applying for the PA Small Water and Sewer Grant. Motion carried unanimously.

A Gunder/Bakner motion approved keeping the officers the same as last year. Motion carried unanimously.

A Bakner/Moats motion approved BB & T as the financial institution and Solicitor Rahauser as the Authority’s legal counsel. Motion carried unanimously.

A Bakner/Moats motion approved the plans to extend the sewer main in the Masters/Polidor Road area. Motion carried unanimously.

The solicitor hade nothing.

James Kauffman, the sewer plant operator informed the board that the UV lights at the plant are going bad. The replacement cost would be about $80,000. We have two units and we could replace them ourselves. We only need one unit at a cost of $38,000 to $40,000. DEP would require a minor modification permit for this replacement. A Moats/Bumbaugh motion approved the replacement. Motion carried unanimously.

There was no final public comment.

The Sewer main to the Todd Rock property was discussed. The owner of the property on Anthony Highway, Mr. Horst. Is working with the Township and has authorized the Township to tear down the buildings, but he is asking for compensation.

Also White Rock development was discussed. There is development at St. Anne and it will be brought to Quincy and they may extend the line from the driving range up.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm on a Moats/Bumbaugh motion.