March 17, 2014

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of March 17, 2014 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Vice Chairman Moats followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with members Eugene Flasher, Kerry Bumbaugh, and Robert Gunder present.  Solicitor Rahauser was also in attendance. Ed Wilson, plant operator, and one resident was also in attendance

             The Minutes of September 16, 2013 and the bills since the last meeting were approved on a Bumbaugh/ Flasher motion. Motion carried unanimously.

There was no initial public comment.

Reorganization was held at this time. A Flasher/Bumbaugh motion was made to keep the officers the same as last year. Motion carried unanimously.

A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved keeping the Solicitor the same as last year. Motion carried unanimously.

The Lona Baker agreement was discussed. The belief is that a letter was never sent to Lona about the agreement for the $5000 that was offered to her.  After a brief discussion, the Authority decided to defer this until Carroll Wilhide returns because Carroll was the one who talked to Lona about the agreement.

Next Monday will be Ed Wilson’s last day as our sewer plant operator. He is leaving for another job. The Supervisors have been talking to other operators about hanging their license at our sewer plant. A decision will be made at the Supervisors workshop on Thursday, March 20, 2014. The main concern is that someone at the plant needs to know how to enter data into the computer so the reports can be generated and submitted to DEP electronically.  Ed will need to teach someone before he leaves on Monday. The new licensed operator will be responsible for submitting the reports. Also the sludge will have to be hauled in the near future.

A Bumbaugh/Moats motion approved accepting the sewer from the holding tank that will be at the new water plant. Motion carried unanimously. Travis Schooley has signed the letter for DEP since he does the Chapter 94. Also Aaron has signed a copy in the event that DEP want an officer of the Sewer Authority to sign it.

The Solicitor asked if there was going to be a charge to run the sewer from the water plant holding tank into the sewer system. A discussion followed and the tank is 1500 gallons. We charged Daley’s when they were dumping the tank from Michaux Manor in the system $30 a load, but that was 3000 gallons. Since the amount of the water tank is half may charge $15. A decision will be made when the tank has to be dumped.

Member Bumbaugh comment that Ed has done a lot of work to get the plant operating efficiently and they commend him for his diligence with the process. Also Bryan Salzmann has contacted Solicitor Rahauser and White Rock now believes that the time frame for their agreement will not end until 2016. Solicitor Rahauser will send a letter to Bryan Salzmann informing him that the Authority agrees that the termination date for the agreement is April 2016.

No Final Public Comment.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm on a Moats/Bumbaugh motion.