May 20, 2013

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of May 20, 2013 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Wilhide followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with members Eugene Flasher, Kerry Bumbaugh, and Aaron Moats present.  Solicitor Rahauser and Ed Wilson, sewer plant operator were also in attendance. Five Township residents were in attendance.

             The Minutes of April 15, 2013 were approved on a Wilhide/Moats motion

 There was no public comment.

 The Authority was given a preliminary estimate for extension of public sewer to land along Anthony Highway to review. The initial estimate was $85,000, but revised estimate is $72,000. Hess Manufacturing placed a line to connect their building to Mont Alto Municipal Authority which goes through the land that Charlie Pentz has purchased. Member Flasher believes the Authority should be able to approve Pentz connecting to Mont Alto before he would connect. If we do not have a line already approved for that area DEP when reviewing his plans may make him go to Mont Alto because line is already on that property. Solicitor Rahauser has tried to approach Mont Alto about a regional Authority, but every time we try to negotiate with Mont Alto there is an explosion. Member Wilhide questioned the amount on EDU’s that Mr. Pentz will need for that property in the near future. The initial plans that were presented to the Township show a strip mall with the possibility of 12 EDUs. Member Wilhide was concerned about the cost verses the tap fees that we would be receiving. Upon approval of Mr. Pentz’s plan, we would receive at least 50% of tap fee as a reservation of capacity fee providing that Mr. Pentz asked for just a reservation of capacity. If he does not request reservation, upon approval he would have to pay the tap fee for 12 EDU’s. Also the Authority discussed the Hess Manufacturing line and going to Mont Alto and asking if they might be willing to turn over Hess Manufacturing and allowing them to connect to our system, since they will not be getting any more customers in that area once our line is placed there. There would also be an expense to connect Hess Manufacturing to our line. Member Bumbaugh stated that Guilford tried to deal with Mont Alto on the same type issue and Guilford is now coming to us because Mont Alto did not give a decent rate. The direction to place the line was discussed. The picture given to the members showed two different routes that could be taken. The best route would be straight down Anthony Highway, but would have to purchase farm building and remove 20 feet. Or purchase building and tear down and farmer could replace or not replace depending on what he preferred.

Member Flasher believes it would be easier to connect from John Cook property up the back of property line. Whichever way the line would be put in there would be approximately $60,000 or more laying there for potential use in the future. Member Bumbaugh informed the Authority that they need to make a decision on whether they want to service this before the Supervisors can make a decision on Mr. Pentz’s plans. Also the sewers system must be expanded every five years according to the 537 plan. The main decision this evening is if want to service the area with our public sewer line, the direct to lay the line can be decided at a later date. A Bumbaugh/Moats motion approved providing service to the area along Anthony Highway and after getting back figures and more information on whether need an NPDES permit or just Soil Erosion , it will be decided which direction to place the line. Also Solicitor Rahauser will write a letter to Mont Alto about their willingness to give up Hess Manufacturing line to Quincy and Hess become Quincy Customer. Flasher – yes, Moats – yes, Bumbaugh – yes, Wilhide – not sure. Motion carried.

Dennis Koons Alternate Lateral Proposal was discussed. Mr. Koons is requesting that he be able to install a four inch line to his lot at the front of his property instead of an eight inch line. Mr. Koons would like to know his options for running the line. A letter dated July 20, 2007, states the requirements for Mr. Koon to connect. Therefore building of a new residents falls under that requirement. Solicitor Rahauser believes that a letter making all the requirements clear be sent to Mr. Koons. A Bumbaugh/Flasher motion approved using a four inch line according to the approved plans and agreement letter dated June 11, 2007and that if septic fails must put in eight inch line. Motion carried unanimously.

Ed Kline sewer lateral request was discussed. Mr. Kline has purchased property on the opposite side of the road from the sewer line. There will have to be a boring done to connect Mr. Kline to the Sewer. Mr. Kline is requesting that the boring be paid for by part of his tap fee. The boring should cost about $2500. Member Bumbaugh thought that with the economy the way it is that the request is feasible. Member Flasher stated he would not get involved considering he had to pay for the boring and line for Kent. John Kahl informed the authority that other Authorities in the area would not consider doing this. Ed Wilson informed the Authority that Dollar General is going to have to pay for theirs. The members of the Authority are concerned that it could set a precedent for other vacant lots in the sewered area. Solicitor Rahauser informed the members that if they do this then others should get the same. Solicitor Rahauser suggested that they make a policy with categories for each and what rule will be so everyone knows what to tell residents when they inquire. Member Wilhide made a motion to provide tap to Ed Kline property line, but motion was withdrawn. A Moats/Wilhide motion approved a lower tap fee of $5200 which was the tap fee at time of subdivision and Mr. Kline will pay for bore and HOP permit. Motion carried unanimously. Resolution 2013-1 adopting a policy that it will be the responsibility of the property owner to bring sewer to property line at a designated point was approved.

A purchase order was given to the Authority for probe equipment. It is off the costars program and would not have to be bid. A Bumbaugh/Moats motion approved the purchase of the probe equipment. Motion carried unanimously.

Solicitor had nothing.

Tom Sweeney from DEP was here to look at the Baker Tract for sludge application. It is a go to apply sludge on their property.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm on a Bumbaugh/Wilhide motion.