October 15, 2012

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of October15, 2012 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Chairman Wilhide with members Aaron Moats and Kerry Bumbaugh present.  Solicitor Rahauser, and Robert Gunder were also in attendance.  There was one Township resident present.

             The Minutes of June 18, 2012 were approved on a Bumbaugh/Moats motion along with the bills paid since the last meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

There was no public comment.

A Bumbaugh/Wilhide motion approved requesting a waiver of regulation 1780.47 that requires our management reports to be submitted on the accrual basis, and instead submit them on a cash basis of accounting. Motion carried unanimously.

Michael Noll has requested a reduction to the original tap fee for the property at 9400 Anthony Highway which he recently purchased from Dan Long. On the property is a unit that is an apartment and the other is a church. After a brief discussion on the tap fee, the Authority approved  on a Wilhide/Moats motion, Mr. Noll paying a tap fee of $3000 for the Church as long it is used for religious purpose or residential, but if becomes commercial the Authority will revisit tap fee at that time.  The residential unit will have a tap fee of $3000 which was approved on a Bumbaugh/Moats Motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Kenneth Misner sewer connection which adjoins the park and recreation area at the Township Office Building was discussed. The Misners are willing to grant the Township a right of way to the Park from Tomstown Road. They are going to subdivide the existing house and a lot for a new home and they are willing to give the Township an easement for the Park. In consideration for the 50 foot right of way, the Supervisors would like the Authority to grant a waiver of the sewer tap fee for the proposed home and exempt the existing home from connecting until the park sewer line is installed. The Misners would  pay $3000 tap fee for the existing house. A Bumbaugh/Moats motion approved the proposed house on Tomstown Road for the Misner, in exchange for the 50 foot right of way, be exempt from paying a tap fee and the existing dwell that abuts the Park will be exempt from connecting to the sewer until such time as the sewer is available via the Park and a $3000 tap fee will be charged for the existing dwelling which will be payable upon the subdivision approval. No user’s fees will be charged until the existing house is connected. Motion carried unanimously.

The Solicitor had nothing.

Member’s comments. Member Bumbaugh stated that Lona Baker was contacted because her contract is up and she is to begin paying a monthly users fee. Lona has stopped by the township office several times. A Bumbaugh/Moats motion authorized, Member Wilhide to talk with her. Motion carried.

Member Bumbaugh also stated that the Authority needs to look at repaying loan made from the Township to the Authority. The Authority decided to look at it after the beginning of the year.

 Final public comment was nothing.

The meeting adjourned on a Wilhide/Moats motion at 8:12 pm.