September 16, 2013

Quincy Sewer Authority

Minutes of September 16, 2013 Meeting


              The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Wilhide followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with members Eugene Flasher, Kerry Bumbaugh, Aaron Moats, and Robert Gunder present.  Solicitor Rahauser was also in attendance.

             The Minutes of August 19, 2013 bills since the last meeting were approved on a Bumbaugh/ Moats motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The authority discussed the Lona Baker agreement. When the sewer plant was built, we offered Lona 10 years of free sewer for her easement agreement. Also she was offered $5000 for her trees, fence and etc. She never took any money for this offer. Solicitor Rahauser said we only offered her free sewer for the easement. If the agreement was signed in 2001, but she was hooked up on August 29, 2007 which means that she would have free sewer for the first agreement for 10 years from that date which would end in August of 2017.The other $5000 would be used after that period for her $45 user fee until it was depleted. The Authority needs to have something in agreement about death or selling. Member Wilhide stated that there are two separate living units in the house. A discussion followed on what would happen upon death and how the original signers of the agreement would be affected. Solicitor Rahauser stated that a letter needs to be sent stating that the additional $5000 be used under the same terms and conditions once the original time period is completed. Also, stated that if anyone else other than Dale or Lona would take possession of the home or reside in one of the two units, that a second user fee would have to be charged. A letter will be written to Lona Baker stating that the $5000 which she did not take will be kept in escrow until the 10 year period is completed and then it will be used toward the user fees for Dale and Lona. The money in escrow should begin to be used in 2017.

  A copy of the letter Solicitor Rahauser wrote to Mont Alto Municipal Authority was given to the Authority members to review. The Authority was informed that at the present time plans that Charlie Pentz has submitted to the Township do not include the office complex that he initially was talking about. So, at the present time he will not need any EDUs for his development. The line to his property in the Northern Extension will not be built until he brings in a plan for the office complex and at time of plan approval we will receive the tap fee for those units and can proceed with building the line.

The Township Supervisors have received a letter from White Rock about the 10 years they had to utilize 500 taps. They would like the Authority to grant them an extension of 7 years. A discussion followed on the exact date that the 10 years commenced. The agreement was signed and notarized in September 2004, but in the agreement it states that it should commence no later than September 2006. Patti Nitterhouse met with Supervisor Gunder and Bumbaugh. From the conversation at that time, the Supervisors believe that White Rock is under the understanding that the agreement expires in 2014. She informed them that construction is picking up and they will finish building in Guilford Township before starting in Quincy Township. More discussion followed on the actual start date. The as builts were received in April of 2006, but agreement states it starts after developer has obtained all local, state permits, approval acquisitions and condemnations. These were probably obtained in 2005.  Solicitor Rahauser believes we should write a letter asking them to outline their thought and what they are proposing and inform them that an extension to 2021 would not be acceptable. The authority believes that when a reservation of capacity fee is required it will become an issue. The Authority is going to wait until they are contacted and asked about the letter that was sent. At that time we will ask her to send more specifics of what they are looking for.

The meeting adjourned on a Moats/Wilhide motion.