April 19, 2012

April 17, 2012


Members present: Robert Gunder

                                 Kerry Bumbaugh

                                 Wilbur Sanders



1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 9:32am. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Representatives from DEP, William Brindle Associates and Wallace Koster were in attendance. Employees Ed Wilson, Joe Schorn and Travis Schooley were also in attendance.


2.      There was no initial public comment.


3.      The minutes of April 3, 2012 were approved as written on a Sanders/Gunder motion with the word in item#14 being boring instead of poring. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      The meeting with DEP about the TCE Water line began at this time. John Krueger informed theBoard  

       that there is a big concern at DEP about the increase in cost of the waterline. In the beginning options

       were looked at, carbon filters, connecting to other municipalities or starting own water system. At

       that time the cost of any option was about the same. With the cost now going from 3 million to 6

       million dollars, it has become a concern for DEP. Supervisor Gunder stated that the initial cost was 4               

       million and the Board was asked to reduce it to 3 million to receive the grant.  Also the cost for

       Knouse well was not factored in the budget because it was going to be paid for intermittently. Since 

       the Knouse well has fallen through the new well is part of the cost increase. John Krueger suggested

       reopening negotiations for the Knouse well. Wally Koster stated that there was a lot of turbidity with

       the Knouse well. Also the Supervisors have been told that Knouse has a contract on that land with a

       Solar Company which could have been a deterrent to selling the well to the Township. The cost must

       be in the ball park of what it would cost to bring water from another municipality. SAIC has not

       seen a completed plan. John High will submit plan as soon as easements are signed by residents.

       Steve Glacier with SAIC had questions about the budget. Asked if the 150,000 gallon tank that is

       being placed on Round Top will be pumped between tanks and is it sized for fire protection and peak

       flow. The Township also has included a 16 inch line coming down the hill from the tanks. He

       questioned whether everyone from the water plant to Tomstown Road would be responsible for

       paying their own tap fee. Also Steve asked about the farm houses on the south side of Shank Hess

       Road being connected to the waterline. Also was a rock clause in the budget. A question was asked

       about the bidding being for the total construction or would it be broken down in to different

       processes.  The Board has decided to bid it both way and whichever way is the lowest bid that is the

       way we will proceed. DEP also believes the tap fee is too low because there will need to be a back

       flow preventer and pressure reducing valves installed. Asked if Tarman Springs well will it be simple

       chlorination. The tank at Tarman Spring is not need for the TCE Site, it is for future expansion. There

       will need to be a pressure reducer at the bottom of the hill at Tarman Springs. The tank at Tarman

       Springs is not a concern for the state. The Knouse well was discussed. Chris O Neil questioned the

       turbidity of the well and what it was on. It was based on the pump test. Supervisor Gunder informed

       DEP that the last response from Knouse received informed the Board that they were prepared to go

       to court. The Board did a comparison between putting a well at Quincy Home, Tarman Springs or

       Knouse’s well. A discussion followed on location at Quincy Home for another well and Tarman

       Springs versus other wells. If a well is drilled at Tarman Springs it would be a six inch pipe

       approximately two to four hundred feet deep. The Board and DEP took a short break, so each could

       talk amongst their selves.  When the meeting recommenced, DEP stated that they will need to go to

       control office and request more grant money. They need a spread sheet that shows the cost only for

       the triangle. The tap fees will need to be placed in the budget, they will need to include a rock clause.

       The costs to connect homes and inflation cost. Linear foot operating controls will need to be

       included. Paper work will need to be submitted for Tarman Springs. The overall cost should be a

       round 5 million dollars. The grant expires on 2013. There is a major permit that needs to be applied

       for the tank on Round Top. They will start with test well once we get permit. At this point DEP will

       go back and check into getting more grant money.


5.      The Human Services Fund was reviewed by Solicitor Lisko. It is allowable for Day Care, Family Planning, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation, but not for families in need of assistance. Supervisor Gunder is going to pursue through Representative Rock and Senator Alloway’s office.


6.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved Resolution 2012-5 Sewer Planning Modules for Roland and Loretta Hess. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved the Park and Recreation Committee proceeding with the printing and distribution of the Park Brochure to the residents with a cost of no more than $1475. Motion carried unanimously.


8.      The National Guard Artillery Club has requested that the Township recognize them as a nonprofit organization. They are not a 501C status; therefore we cannot pass a resolution recognizing them as a nonprofit organization.


9.      We received a letter from PSL, thanking us for our support for their 36 unit low income housing. The project has received grant approval and will be starting. Also Supervisor Bumbaugh had a phone call thanking him for the 25 MPH sign and the line painting that was arranged for the Village.


10.  Supervisor Bumbaugh discussed the request for open records resolution that the Township has. Per the state law we are allowed to charge a cost for the reproduction and time spent copying the record, but not for the time spent researching if the record is an open record. Per our resolution we cannot charge for the time it takes for you to retrieve and copy information. After a brief discussion, a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved amending Resolution 2008-10 to charge a fee as per our rate schedule for retrieving and copying of the information requested. Motion carried unanimously.


11.  The mower needs to be replaced, but can’t seem to find one. Joe called about a 2008 John Deere that we saw for sale on a municipal auction site. It is located in Montana, if interested will check in to details.


12.  Dan Baer has not started anything at the mobile on Anthony Highway. Clark Barr has 20 days from date of letter to respond, as of today we have heard nothing.


13.  Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm. On a Gunder/Sanders motion.