August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016


Members present:       Kerry Bumbaugh

                                          Robert Gunder

Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                     


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  John High, Corey Kaiser, Jim Kauffman, Ben Reid, Lee Royer and seven residents were in attendance.

 2.      There were no comments during the initial public comment period.

 3.      The Minutes of July 21, 2016 were approved as written on a Gunder/Bumbaugh motion along with the bills except those paid to the Supervisors. Motion carried unanimously.

 4.      Refunding of Debt Obligation & 2013 Bond Issuance was discussed by Solicitor Ben Reid. RBC representative, Scott Kramer gave an explanation of Funding using Bond issuance. After reissuance of the Bonds to refinance the sewer plant loan, there will be an approximate savings of $256,000. The target for savings is approximately 3.6 %. We are hoping to lock in the rates by mid-September 2016. Ben Reid, our Bond Counsel, discussed Ordinance #154 which will set the financing in motion. We will sign the Ordinance and then an addendum to the Bond purchasing agreement will show the savings. A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approved the enactment of Ordinance #154 and the Bond purchase agreement and authorized Supervisor Gunder, Vice Chairman to sign. A roll call vote was taken, Supervisor Gunder – yes, Supervisor Bumbaugh – yes, Supervisor Wilson was absent. The Motion carried by unanimous vote.

 5.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved using the funds that will be saved from the bond reissue for the short fall being experienced on the water account.  Motion carried unanimously.

 6.      At this time a conditional use hearing was held for the Craig McCleaf mobile park property on Slabtown Road.  The use requested approval to do a new land development plan to reflect the placement of 47 mobile homes on the 10+ acres of land.  Supervisor Gunder gave a brief history of the park; stating that 14 mobiles were approved originally before zoning and a Special Exception was approved in 2000 to expand the park to 30. Also, if the new use is rejected, the applicant could still place 30 mobiles on the property without any new restrictions.  Residents and adjoining property owners, Mr. Allen Strausner and Mrs. Julie Mentzer, testified of their concern for past nuisances associated with the property in question, namely debris being allowed to accumulate and storm water issues. Mr. Strausner recommended a fence along his property line as a screening technique.  Surveyor Lee Royer and Mr. McCleaf himself also answered questions concerning the proposed use.  After deliberation by the Board, the use was approved on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion with the provisions that tree plantings be added to the plan along the two residential boundary lines bounding Mr. Strausner and Mentzers; that the applicant pay the required Recreation Fees; and that the applicant secure the necessary easements to run public water from the nearest municipal water line since the new development is within the minimum distance specified in the SALDO. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      TCE Water Project was discussed. HRI has submitted pay request #9 of $250,573.19. The contract is 99% completed. There is a punch list of items to be completed and there will be one more pay request once those items are completed. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved paying HRI‘s pay request #9.

 8.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved a regional purchase of traffic counter equipment with surrounding municipalities. Motion carried unanimously.

 9.      A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approved resubmission of a Grant application for the Water Mainline extension to PSL. Motion carried unanimously.

 10.  The new insurance company would like to have an inspection of our properties and an appraisal completed. The cost would be $4950 and the insurance agency would pay one half the costs. Supervisor Gunder believes that it would be worth the investment to have an appraisal completed. A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approved having the inspection and appraisal done at a cost of $2500. Motion carried unanimously.

 11.  The school district dropping the Per Capita Tax was discussed. We would like to get together with Waynesboro and Mont Alto to discuss what we could do collectively. Main issue is maintaining a data base with the needed information.

 12.  There is a meeting with the municipal engineer and geologist about Well # 7 today.

 13.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that CAT has refined their numbers for a new uniloader. They are offering $58,000 with a 3 year warranty 1500 extended hours with a trade offer of $41,000 on our 2013 model. Groff‘s quote was $20,000 difference and Bobcat was $15,875 difference but no four year warranty with 12 months unlimited hours.  A Gunder/Bumbaugh motion approved the purchase of a uniloader from CAT at a cost of $17,000 due to the extended warranty and hours and the estimated cost of $8,000 to repair the old model.  Motion carried unanimously. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved a raise of $1.00 per hour for Andrew Sharrah for passing is CDL test. Motion carried unanimously.

 14.  During final public comment, Allen Strausner informed the Board that today was the first time that he had heard about expanding the mobile home park to 30 units. He was informed that it was approved by the Zoning Hearing Board in 2000 upon request of the previous owner. Each unit will have to pay a separate water and sewer bill.

 15.  Jim Kauffman gave a report on the sewer. He informed the Board that everything has been taken care of except the SOP’s The Sop’s should have been in place when the sewer system was installed in 2003 but they were not detailed enough to suit DEP.

 16.  Expansion of the water system was discussed. We have had two requests from residents in the area that would like to connect to the water system. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved Supervisor Gunder to work with John High our engineer on the possible connection for these two residents. Motion carried unanimously.

 17.  Settlement is today for Well #7, a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion authorized Supervisor Gunder signing  as vice chairman and Vicki as Secretary/Treasurer signing the settlement papers. Motion carried unanimously.

 18.   The meeting adjourned on a Gunder/Bumbaugh motion.