December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013



Members present: Robert Gunder

                              Kerry Bumbaugh


 1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:35 a.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. One resident was in attendance.

       2.      There was no initial public comment.

       3.      The Minutes of December 3, 2013 were approved as written on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.

       4.      Tomstown/Furnace Road update was given. John Krueger with DEP sent notes on meeting that they had with the Supervisors. They are according to the notes okay with the plant and storage tank being placed at Tarman Springs' site. We also expect to have the construction permit before the end of the year and will be able to move forward from there. The condemnation proceedings of the Tarman Spring property could come to a settlement. The property owner has three terms to make a settlement. He would like the Township to cover the cost of the subdivision and $25,000, plus he would like to have access to his property, but that condition is not one that the Township can grant. The only way the Township can grant him access is if the access is made a Township road, but getting current owner to agree maybe complicated, because of prior history between owners. The Supervisors are going to meet with Stephanie to discuss options. Also a predrilling plan has been submitted to DEP on December 13 from Mike McCamley and as soon as it is approved we can start drilling. Motion carried unanimously.

       5.      Supervisor Gunder, Solicitor Lisko and Beth from DCNR had a conference call in an effort to address the Park project. They are trying to convince Beth that the project was not one $200,000 project, but smaller individual projects. She has request more information and Supervisor Gunder has sent what she requested on December 16. We hope this will help them understand our concept of not one large project.

       6.      The intermunicipal radio agreement was review by Solicitor Lisko and the recommended changes have been received from the county. Supervisor Bumbaugh would still like to know why we now need to sign an agreement when we have not had one in the past. The decision to sign the agreement will be tabled until Solicitor Lisko is present to answer Supervisor Bumbaugh question.

       7.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved the 2014 Budget with no tax increase. Motion carried unanimously.

       8.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved the 2014 meeting schedule. Motion carried unanimously.

       9.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved appointing, Carol Smetzer, Jill Schooley and Eugene Mentzer as auditors for 2014. Motion carried unanimously.

     10.  Supervisor Bumbaugh recommended appointing Jill Schooley to the Planning Commission to fill the position that was open. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion appointed Jill Schooley to the Planning Commission. Motion carried unanimously.

     11.  Supervisor Gunder asked about having a health insurance waiver signed by three Township employees.

     12.  There was no final public comment.

     13.  The meeting adjourned at 9:00 am on a Gunder/Bumbaugh motion.