December 22, 2016

December 22, 2016


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Edward Wilson

Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                     


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  John High, Corey Kaiser, Jim Kauffman, Record Herald reporter and four residents were in attendance.


2.      During the initial public comment period, Allen Strausner asked about not being able to access the website today. He was informed that the website was being updated. Also he questioned about the George Lowry farm being used for the Penn National project. And was informed that it is all in Quincy Township. Frank Mong asked about what we are going to do about sewer for Penn National and was informed that it is ready for connection to Quincy Township.


3.      The Minutes from December 6, 2016 were approved on a Gunder/ Wilson Motion. When voted came up Supervisor Wilson voted no for the motion. Supervisor Gunder & Supervisor Bumbaugh voted yes. Motion carried.


4.      TCE Project & Well # 7 update was given. The geologist test has been completed and we are waiting on the results. Turbidity is down to six. Connections are on track to be completed by Tuesday, December 27. The possible litigation for connection of a property will not have to take place at the present time. The owner was in and stated to go ahead and connect it. Solicitor stated that the bills should go to the owner not tenants.


5.      A Gunder/ Wilson motion approved the Budget with no tax increase. During vote Supervisors Wilson voted no for Budget with no tax increase and Supervisor Bumbaugh and Gunder voted yes. Motion carried.


6.      Resolution 2016-12, Real Estate Tax for 2017 for no increase in taxes was approved on a Gunder/Wilson motion. Supervisor Wilson voted no on the first vote for no increase in taxes, but after some discussion by the Supervisors then rescinded his vote, when vote was called for a second time Supervisor Wilson made the vote unanimous. Motion carried.


7.      Supervisor Bumbaugh provided a letter requesting the Board write a letter in support of a Pharmaceutical Company that wants to grow medical marijuana in Franklin County. The business would be located on Wharf Road in the Washington Township Industrial Park. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved writing a letter in support of the business. Motion carried unanimously.


8.      The garage doors at the maintenance building need replaced. We have received quotes from four places. The lowest is from Interstate garage doors at a cost of $8160. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved replacing the garage doors at the maintenance building and taking the quote from Interstate Garage doors. Motion carried unanimously.



9.      Dan Baer has given the Board a letter requesting to store vehicles on his property in Quincy Township until he has a vehicle auction to liquidate his property. The buses are lined up on his property along Orphanage Road and several residents have called to complain. The letter received states that 120 days from now the vehicles must be gone. Frank Mong stated that we all know that Dan has a reputation for procrastinating. If the buses and other vehicles are not removed in the 120 days the Code Enforcement Officer will send and enforcement notice. A Bumbaugh/Wilson motion approved accepting Dan Baer’s letter Motion carried. Supervisor Wilson voted yes with reservations.


10.  Frank Mong also questioned about a house on Anthony Highway that the roof is falling in. We have a basic nuisance Ordinance, but there is a provision in the construction code that can be used for such incidences.


11.  A Wilson/ Gunder motion approved having a collection agency give a presentation to the Board at a workshop on collection of delinquent sewer bills. Motion carried unanimously.


12.  Supervisor Bumbaugh has received a request to bring before the Board from two employees who have not been able to use all their vacation time this past year. Vicki Nunemaker has two and one half days and Corey Kaiser has 30 hours. After a brief discussion a Gunder/Wilson motion approved allowing Vicki & Corey to carry their vacation time into 2017. Also comp time was discussed and the accumulation of vacation time was also discussed Supervisor Bumbaugh made a motion to accumulate vacation over nine months not twelve. The motion died for lack of a second. The Board will discuss further in January.


13.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that the letter about not having the building at Kneppers station on the insurance has been sent to Terry Adolini, so the building will be removed from the insurance.


14.  There was nothing during the period of final public comment.


15.  A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved having an executive session on a personnel issue at 9:50 am.


16.  The Board reconvened at 11:15 am, they discussed personnel and employment issues. A Bumbaugh/Wilson motion approved Rhoads and Sinon to get answer with Federal Davis Bacon law. Motion carried unanimously.


17.  The meeting adjourned on a Gunder/Wilson motion at 11:20AM.