July 19, 2012

July19, 2012        


Members present: Robert Gunder

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Wilbur Sanders

                Solicitor: John Cox from Rhoads and Sinon


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:32 am. by Supervisor Gunder with employees, Ed Wilson & Joe Schorn, Lee Royer,  Merle Holsinger and two representatives from PSL present.

      2.      There was no public comment.

      3.      The Minutes of July 3, 2012 were approved on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.

      4.      Quincy Village Financing Resolution Hearing was called to order. Jonathan Cox from Rhoads & Sinon, counsel to M & T Bank, informed the Board that Malpezi was representing the borrower and Barbara Beckman from Philadelphia is the bond counsel for Quincy Sewer Authority. John Cox explained why the public hearing was being held and being no public present a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved closing the public hearing with no comments. Motion carried unanimously. PSL being a 501 c3 organization they would like to request that the Quincy Township Supervisors authorize the Quincy Sewer Authority to issue the obligation for PSL. The resolution being signed will give the Authorization. The Quincy Sewer Authority is a conduit issuer for the obligation. The Township and Authority will be indemnified. The scope of the project is to renovate the Health Center and personal care side of the facility, also do some renovation in West Penns Boro Township facility and refinance the current M & T loan. The decision was made to approach Quincy Township and not go back to Waynesboro because of the good relationship that Quincy Village has with the Township. PSL does not expect any problems at the hearing in West Penns Boro Township. Quincy Sewer Authority will receive a fee of around $25,000 for the issuance. The Sewer Authority approved the issuance at their meeting on June18, 2012. August 15, 2012 is the possible closing date. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved Resolution 2012-6, and authorizing Supervisor Gunder signing anything later that needs to be signed on behalf of the Supervisors and the Sewer Authority. Motion carried unanimously.

      5.      Tomstown TCE Water System Update, we have received comments from Soil Conservation before receiving permit for Tarman Springs. Those are being addressed and should be resolved in the next two weeks. Supervisor Gunder talked to Milton Knouse about the easements and the family would like to have two tap fees as the payment for the easements. Supervisor Gunder ran the model that was received from Horn and company that the easements are worth one tap fee. A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved Bob agreeing to one tap fee for Knouse Fruitlands and if need to negotiate for the easement within reason. Motion carried unanimously. The Board agreed that we need to show DEP that we are starting to do some of the work. We are going to starting getting the bids out and working on Tarman Spring Well. Also we will be doing work that the Township can do itself.

      6.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved an extension for Mentzer Meadows. Motion was approved, with Supervisor Gunder abstaining.

      7.      The James & Jane Zaiger Subdivision Plans storm water issues were discussed with Merle Holsinger and Lee Royer. There are two issues that Martin and Martin want addressed.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved the plans because of knowing the area and property and if a problem arises it will be addressed at that time. Motion carried unanimously.

      8.      Also Royal Farms traffic study was questioned, while Lee Royer was present. According to the Miller Grove traffic Study a light is needed. The Board would like a copy of the Miller Grove traffic study sent to Jason at PENN DOT.

      9.      A Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion approved to have Supervisor Gunder vote in favor of the FCATB for 2013 -2016 be approved which is a three year agreement at the rate of 2.2% for collections. Motion carried unanimously.

      10.  Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that our quote for the Townships Insurance is coming in lower this year. At a quote of $36769 And Craig Friedly Potter & Moore is $32879 but we have a page of criteria that we have to meet and then there will also be a $1200 to $1800 addition to the policy amount. A sanders/ Gunder motion authorized Supervisor Bumbaugh to proceed to get the best deal for the Township Insurance. Motion carried unanimously.

      11.  A Sanders/ Gunder motion approved helping Dan Baer get the Mobile on Anthony Highway that burned recently cleaned up if he pays for the disposal. Also Supervisor Bumbaugh is to check when the electric had been turned off and the Board will review the past due sewer after receiving that information. Motion carried unanimously.

      12.  Supervisor Gunder gave the Board a copy of a draft amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to look over.

      13.  A Summary of Benefits and Coverage form for Healthcare arrived from Health America. Supervisor Gunder is to sign.

      14.  The trash clean up on South Mountain at the Woodlief property was to have started by July 15, 2012 & completed by August 15, 2012. As of now there doesn’t seem to have been anything cleaned up. Mike Hansen is to send another letter.

      15.  Supervisor Sanders would like to know if anything was received from the house across from the Hotel in South Mountain. Mike Hansen was inspecting it.

      16.  The Board agreed not to give a donation to Soil Conservation this year.

      17.  We have received a copy of a covenant from Mont Alto Campus about gas tanks that had been removed in 1992 and soil contamination was found. Remediation has already been completed.

      18.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that at the intersection of Five Forks and Oak Hill Road the bushes have been trimmed. There is a 12 foot right of way and anything over twelve feet they have the authority to cut. This will be turned over to Mike Hansen.

      19.  At the Cog meeting it was announced that there was an extension granted for permits. The courts say it is six months after July 2013.

      20.  Penn Dot is going to correct install a pipe at Spike Shaffer’s so he can get into his property on Nunnery Road without issues. The Township does not have a problem with this.

      21.  Supervisor Sanders believes we need to look at a tractor to fit the tiger and not purchase the whole mower/tractor combination.

      22.  An executive session was called at 9:45 am.

      23.  The reconvened at 10:49 am stated possible litigation for Furnace Road was the reason for the executive session.

      24.  The meeting adjourned on a Gunder/Sanders motion at 10:50 am.