July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Ed Wilson

Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                     


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Travis Schooley was running the recorder for the secretary to type minutes since she could not be present. 

 2.      There were no comments during the initial public comment period.

 3.      The Minutes of June 23, 2016 were approved as written on a Gunder/Wilson motion. Motion carried unanimously.

4.      The prior months bills were approved on a Gunder/Wilson motion. When vote was taken Supervisor Gunder and Bumbaugh voted yes. Supervisor Wilson voted no. Motion carried.

 5.      TCE Water Project

A.     HRI has submitted pay request #8 of $389,729.27. $30,000 in retainage is being held until minor issues are corrected. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved payment of $389,729.27. Motion carried unanimously.

B.     A Gunder/Wilson motion approved the certificate of substantial completion as of July 12, 2016.  Motion carried unanimously.


6.      Greg Thompson from Brechbill and Helman was in attendance representing Penn National and Leg Up Farms a School for autistic Children. There is one in Mt. Wolf, PA near York. The proposed site for the school would be the land owned by Penn National near the Penn State Campus. Penn State would be able to have students do internships at the school for their major and this would be a great opportunity to help with education. The site is 20 acres. The Owner Louie has met with all the local school district except Waynesboro. At the facility in York there has been a market opened that services as a profit center to keep the school functioning.  Penn National is looking to the Township for support at the present time. The utilities for the facility are being worked on and getting them to the property line would be Penn National’s responsibility. Leg Up Farm is asking the Supervisors to make a trip to their facility in York to see just what happens there. There is an equestrian portion of the program which will use 10,000 square feet of the property. It will have an impact on the Township. Supervisor Gunder asked about it bring jobs to the area. Mr. Thompson a guess would be around 20 to 30 employees, most is done through volunteers, that is why Penn National is looking at this opportunity to give its residents a place to do some volunteering. The Utilities for the facility would be through the Township for sewer and through Penn State for their water. The Board would give them a letter stating that they can connect to Penn State’s water system. Supervisor Gunder pointed out that the site is currently zoned R-2 and would need a ruling whether can do under blanket of golf course or whether would need rezoned.  Supervisor Bumbaugh asked the Solicitor to review the special section on golf clubs in the ordinance. Time Frame is what they are working on because of having the Town center is also going on. A Bumbaugh/Wilson Motion approved support for the school and them connect to Quincy Sewer and Penn State water until such time as the Township as water in that area. Motion carried unanimously. 


7.      Insurance renewal is due August 1, 2016. We have received a quote from CFP&M at $45,180.00 and From Erie our current policy holder for $50,000. Last year’s insurance was through Erie for $47,540.00.  The new insurance is through Selective Insurance. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved the quote from CFP&M at a cost of $45,180.00. Motion carried unanimously.

 8.      The Paul & Diana Gunder Lot Addition were approved on a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion. When voting on the motion Supervisor Gunder abstained due to being a relative. Bumbaugh and Wilson voted yes.

 9.      The Stanley Gates Subdivision, where Well #7 is located, was approved on a Gunder/Wilson motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 10.  The 2013 CAT Skid loader needs tracks and some repairs. Cat will give us a trade in of $33,000 but has now raised the trade in to $41,000. Ed questioned why not using tire instead of tracks. The Supervisors believe that we should wait to see what the repairs will be we are also getting quotes from Bobcat and Groft.

 11.  Liquid Fuels Audit was good. Everything was incompliance.

 12.  The Bond for the sewer plant infrastructure loan is being looked at to refinance. By refunding we could save approximately $300,000 on current loan. RC Capital and Rhoads and Sinon would execute the bond. We will need to sign a letter for this. Solicitor Fenicle informed the Board that signing the letter does not commit us; it is just engaging them as our underwriters. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved signing the engagement letter for RC Capital and Rhoads and Sinon. Motion carried unanimously.

 13.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that we have received a letter from Mont Alto Borough Thanking the Township for letting them us our JCB during their bulk cleanup days.

 14.  Supervisor Bumbaugh let the Board know that we have received a letter of resignation from Joe Schorn withdrawing his water license as of July 8, 2016. We are to send a thank you letter.  Travis Schooley’s water license is now hanging at the water plant. A Gunder/Wilson Motion accepted the resignation of Joe Schorn. Motion carried unanimously.

 15.  Supervisor Wilson informed the Board that he received a phone call and letter from Bob Haines with DEP. The letter was sent to Ed, Kerry and Jim about violations at the sewer plant. On the monthly report a wrong figure was placed in the report, but it has been revised. Jim is now denitrifying.  Ed stated that the letter wanted a timeline when these things will be fixed. Jim asked why he was not asked for a timeline instead of Ed. Bob Haines also said that Ed asked him to check on the plant; Ed stated he is concerned about the plant. Ed also asked about the fecal. Ed informed the Board that he has more knowledge about that plant than anyone here. Ed read the letter from Bob Haines. Jim informed the Board that a d/o probe sensor has arrived, he has contacted a third backup for sludge hauling. Also he informed the Board that someone is coming into the plant when no one is there. Jim has a paper with important information for filing reports missing. The paper was there Sunday night, but went missing by Monday morning. As for violations, everyone gets violations. Supervisor Bumbaugh wants to know why Ed is getting emails and not the whole Board. Supervisor Gunder stated that Supervisor Wilson is degrading an employee in public and these issues must be addressed in executive session.  Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that they needed to work together as a Board. Solicitor Fenicle asked if DEP sent a letter to the Township and was informed not as of this date. Jim Kauffman asked Supervisor Wilson why he didn’t contact him first before contacting Bob Haines. Ed stated that Bob Haines didn’t see the mistake at first, but he asked Ed if this was wrong. The Board should talk to DEP; not individual Supervisors. Ed asked about the locks being changed at the plant. He was asked how he found out the locks were changed .He informed the Board several employees told him. Ed told Jim that he knew what he found at the plant when Jim caught him there. He stated he was not going down there to stir up trouble. Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that anyone would still need a key to get into the building, even if the gate was not locked. Jim knows for a fact that someone was in and all the employees do not have keys. Jim, Yeisson, Travis and Matt have keys to the plant.

 16.  Supervisor Wilson also questioned about the cost of the paving on Fox hill Road. The cost was approximately $20,000. This project has been in the plans for a while and has been on our Liquid Fuels list since 2014.

 17.  Supervisor Wilson asked when the paving on Old Forge Road was to take place. It was explained to him that this is being done next week and we will be overlaying and tarring and chipping. Supervisor Wilson stated that if not dug up and not doing drains it will just break up again. Cost is $80,000. Putting down 1 ½ inch overlay.

 18.  Supervisor Wilson questioned about the last three years of mowing that the Township has done at Kerry’s property at the intersection of Shoestring Hill Road and Anthony Highway. He was informed that DEP did not pay for this mowing, but the properties were originally to be used as a staging area for the TCE water project. Per Supervisor Bumbaugh, he and Paul Gunder had an agreement with DEP for use of the property as staging areas. Ed wants to see the documentation from Kerry and Paul to this being a staging area and the owners not doing anything with it until project completed. Supervisor Gunder informed Supervisor Wilson that the documentation is in the DEP progress report. Solicitor Fenicle stated that since project is now substantially completed should just suspend until need as staging area again. Ed wants the use of the property located at Anthony Highway and Shoestring Hill Road suspended, as of today, July 21, 2016. Supervisor Bumbaugh can now do whatever he wants with that property.

 19.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that the grants we applied for have been awarded, but our two were rejected. The one for a pavilion and play equipment was not awarded to us and the one for the Old Forge Bridge did not get awarded to the Township.

 20.  No final public comment.

 21.  Board adjourned to an executive session on a Gunder/Bumbaugh motion for personnel issues. Motion carried unanimously.

 22.  Board reconvened stating that personnel and overtime was discussed. Overtime must be justified and needs to be documented on time sheets. They discussed this with the road foreman. Bret McDannell has been working more than 40 hours a week strictly filling the generator at the well. On a Wilson/Gunder motion Bret was given a $1.00 an hour merit raise and $.50 an hour for each CDL that he received. He received his class A & B. Making his hourly rate $13 an hour. And he is being made a permanent employee. Motion carried unanimously. Tim Goetz doesn’t want permanent employment, but his work performance merits him a pay increase. His wages on a Gunder/ Wilson motion will be $17 an hour. Motion carried unanimously. Andy Sharrah was discussed and a meeting will be held with Andy to discuss his tenure when his probation period ends.

 23.  The meeting adjourned on a Wilson/ Gunder motion.