JUNE 18, 2019

June 18, 2019



Members present Kerry Bumbaugh

                              Robert Gunder

                              Ed Wilson


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


2.      There was no initial public comment.


3.      The Minutes of May 23, 2019 and the bills except those paid to the Supervisors were approved on a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      The Board of View report for the Eminent Domain action for the Saddle Club property was given on May 30, 2019 and the Township received their decision on June 4, 2019. The Report was filed with the Court on June 20, 2019 so the 30-day appeal period ends on July 22, 2019.  The Board of View has determined that the just compensation for the property owned by the Mount Valley Riders Saddle Club is $55,000. The Township has also been informed that we will have to pay the real estate taxes at a prorated share from the date of possession and the Saddle Club’s attorney fees estimated to be around $4,000.


5.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved adjournment to an executive session on litigation at 8:37 am. The Board reconvened at 8:45 am. with nothing new to report.


6.      The Washington Township Boulevard/Tomstown Road intersection design was discussed. A meeting was held on-site with Jeff Geesaman, Washington Township Manager, to discuss the intersection and possible use of round-abouts. A meeting needs to be scheduled between Washington Township, Quincy Township and Penn DOT. The Board would like to have this meeting as soon as possible, since Dewberry is working on the design for that section of the Boulevard at the present time. The Board would like to have this meeting as soon as possible, since Dewberry is working on the design for that section of the Boulevard at the present time. The best solution would be to bring Anthony Highway on both ends in to meet the Boulevard and Tomstown/Orchard Roads so all roads would be connected via a round-about.


7.      Bumbaugh/Wilson motion approved the Land Development Plan for Presbyterian Senior Living (Quincy Village) subject to the approval of the storm water management plan by Martin & Martin. The Plan calls for an expansion of Minnich Manor by 48 additional apartment units plus 7 new cottages. Motion carried unanimously.


8.      Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board about a storm water issue at the Lutzke property on Tomstown Road. Currently, stormwater runs off Capitol Hill Road into a pipe on the Lushbaugh property and exits on the Lutzke property; then runs into a private catch basin and runs under the Lutzke home and exits on Bakner Road. The section from the catch basin to Bakner Road is clogged. The Township has agreed to have Chamberlin and Wingert run the jetter into the storm water pipe to clean it out contingent on Mr. Lutzke paying half the cost.


9.      Corey Kaiser, Road Foreman, was contacted by Mr. Oller, 5975 Milky Way, about water running from Milky Way up onto his driveway.  Over the years the swale has been filled in somewhat by Mr. Oller which results in a change in the flow of the water. The Board wants Corey to inform Mr. Oller that he will have to restore the swale back to its original design in his yard if he wants the water to cease running onto his driveway.


10.   A complaint was received that debris is being thrown into a storm water swale that runs through the property owned by Michael Haugh, 9216 Anthony Highway, which runs across Anthony Highway and exits in the west branch of the Antietam.  Mr. Gunder visited the site and took pictures which showed that a tree stand, junk from a burn barrel, and plant boxes had been placed in the swale. The swale needs to be cleaned out and Dave Rock with PennDot would be willing to help if needed. A meeting will need to be arranged with Penn Dot and the Township since this is off a State roadway.


11.   William Eck is now retired from mowing for the Township. We have been paying his health care each month. The cost is $285. On a Bumbaugh/Wilson motion the Board approved paying Mr. Eck’s healthcare for the next 60 days and then it will become his responsibility. Motion carried unanimously.


12.   The state police fee for services is back in Governor Wolf’s state budget. This time the Governor proposes a sliding scale State Police Tax, which would amount to $23,272 annually for Quincy Township.


13.   The State House of Representatives was to vote on wireless companies wanting municipalities to have limited control of wireless facilities in road rights-of-way and permitting fees. The House Committee had scheduled a hearing on the matter on June 17, but that hearing was cancelled.


14.   Supervisor Bumbaugh stated that the van that we sold a few years ago has not been replaced. We have found a 2019 Dodge van with 11,000 miles on it for $18,200. We have gotten 8 quotes for vans and this seems to be the best deal. It is still under factory warranty. A Bumbaugh/Wilson motion approved purchasing the 2019 Dodge Van from Roger’s Auto Sales at a purchase price of $18,200. Motion carried unanimously.


15.   Supervisor Wilson asked if the Township has been contacted about the Woodlief property in South Mountain since it has been sold. He was informed that we were made aware of a new owner through a recent real estate tax notice. We need to contact Mike Hansen about sending a letter to the new owner of this property.


16.   The meeting adjourned on a Wilson/Gunder motion at 9:30 am