June 23, 2016

June 23, 2016


Members present:   Kerry Bumbaugh

                                      Robert Gunder

                                      Ed Wilson

Solicitor:                    Linus Fenicle                     


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.   John High, Engineer, Ben Reid from Rhodes & Sinon and Dustin from the Record Herald were present.

 2.      There were no comments during the initial public comment period.

 3.      The Minutes of June 7, 2016 were approved as written on a Wilson/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.

 4.      TCE Water Project:

A.     Contract 102 is 94 % completed. The last pressure test for phase three is being done today and the bacteria testing will be done and then submitted to DEP which takes approximately four weeks before DEP to approve. HRI has submitted pay request #7 of $375,376.80. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved payment of pay request #7 to HRI. Landscapers with all the rain is having problems getting the restoration completed. HRI has 45% of laterals completed.

B.     Well # 7 was discussed. Last week Well # 7 had a temporary pump placed in the well. While pumping water was chocolate brown and was shut down before a resident complained to DEP. DEP and oils Conservation came on site and informed what needed to be done to keep sediment from stream. The owner of the property on which the well resides informed the Township that there was a deep basin on his property that was dug out when Tomstown Road was reconstructed.  DEP is allowing the Township to use that area as a sediment basin. They pumped for the weekend until the water cleared up. The Geologist has filed for increase in our discharge permit. The turbidity needs to be below 5 NTU’s. 

C.     Yard restoration work is behind schedule. Mary Ann from the conservation district would like to see restoration done in 4 days. We have received quotes from B&H and John Gehr to help get some restoration completed. Also we may need to hire temporary school students for help this summer. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved hiring two temporary employees to help with lawn restoration at a rate of $8.50 per hour. Motion carried unanimously.


5.      A Wilson/ Gunder motion approved paying our share to the Waynesboro Area School District for the printing of the Per Capita Bills for this year.  Motion carried unanimously.  Also a Wilson/Bumbaugh motion approved writing a letter to Waynesboro Area School Board about reenacting the per capita tax in lieu of raising property taxes. Wilson and Bumbaugh voted yes and Gunder voted no since his discussion with the District indicates it will do not good. Motion carried.

 6.      Acquisition Agreement with PSL was discussed. The new agreement amends, and supplements the original agreement made with PSL for their water plant. The new agreement deems the purchase price of $400,000 has been satisfied. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved amended agreement being sent to PSL for their review. Motion carried unanimously.

 7.      Ordinance #153, for a General obligation Note was discussed. We have received two proposals. One from BB & T and One from M & T bank. BB &T is requesting to be able to inspect the construction and no note as to whether we can pay off the loan early. M & T does have in its agreement that the loan can be paid off early and are not requesting any inspections of the project before draws can be made on the loan. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved accepting M & T Bank as the lending agent. Motion carried unanimously. A Wilson/Gunder motion approved Ordinance #153. Motion carried unanimously.

 8.      A Gunder/Wilson motion approved Resolution 2016-9 2016 CDBG State Competitive Grant Application addressing grant money for hooking low-to-moderate homeowners to the water line and for construction of the new line extension to PSL. Motion carried unanimously.

 9.      Supervisor Wilson asked about not receiving reports for the water and wastewater treatment plant. He informed the Board that he knew the wastewater plant was in violation for ammonia and fecal. Supervisor Bumbaugh informed Supervisor Wilson that the operator did what needed to be done to get plant back in compliance.

 10.  Supervisor Wilson asked about the Water Treatment. Plant. He was informed that we replaced a flow meter which wasn’t working properly.

 11.  Supervisor Gunder has two people interested in serving on the Park & Recreation Committee. Norman Walker and Steve Bakner. A Gunder/Wilson Motion approved appointing Norman Walker and Steve Bakner to the Park & Recreation Committee. Motion carried unanimously.

 12.  No public comment

13.  For July 5th, Linus will not be available for our Supervisors Regular meeting, so the meeting is going to be cancelled.

 14.   The meeting adjourned at 9:55 am. on a Wilson/Gunder motion