March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014



Members present: Robert Gunder

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

                               Wilbur Sanders


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:33 a.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. One resident, and Joe Schorn, Water Plant Operator was in attendance.


2.      There was no initial public comment.


3.      The Minutes of March 4, 2014 were approved as written on a Sanders/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      A Public Hearing for an Agricultural Security Application was convened. The property is owned by Max Hade. He would like to have the property placed in Agricultural Security which is the first step in getting the land in Agricultural Preservation which is what he would like to do. There weren’t any comments received from the public. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved placing the property owned by Max Hade in Agricultural Security. Motion carried unanimously.


5.      Tomstown TCE/Furnace Road Water System update was given. The Supervisors have received comments from DEP on March 7th and there were questions which needed to be answered. Soils Conservation is approving and the approval will be arriving soon. Once approval has arrived the engineer is ready to advertise for bids. Jon Cox has informed the Supervisors that a real estate agent is handling the finalization of the purchase of Tarman Spring property, but should have that finalized before going out on bids. Phil Tarquino from Franklin County Planning Commission is preparing a request for an extension of the CDBG Grant to DCED. If we can get the bid out before request is submitted to DCED, it could help get the extension, because they would recognize that the project is moving along. Extension would be until March of 2015.


6.      Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved advertising the update to the Water Construction Specification Ordinance. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      The Board agreed that all Township employees who attended the Construction Show in Las Vegas would be paid for three days of work.


8.      A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved repairing or replacing the sewer plant computer and also paying for a new computer used to file the Liquid Fuels reports up to the maximum amount allowed by Liquid Fuels of $1000.  Motion carried unanimously.


9.      An update was given on the Municipal Park. The Supervisors need to have something submitted to Beth at DCNR by the end of the month. Also the specs for upper comfort station should be prepared by the end of the month. A discussion was held on the material that should be used. Concrete blocks should be split face for better maintenance, water fountains must be shown on plans and concrete will be placed between paving and entry point. Sandy and Travis will complete plans and Rex Benchoff will review and stamp for the Township as an Engineer.


10.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the changing of a box card for Waynesboro Fire Company from individual pieces to departments. Motion carried unanimously.


11.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved reimbursing Jim Maun from William Brindle Associates for continuing education classes that he has to take to continue being our SEO. Motion carried unanimously.


12.  A letter was received from Supervisor Gunder and Bumbaugh requesting that they be included in the Life and Disability Insurance the Township has for full time employees. This is being requested since they have became full time employees in January 2014. A request according to PSATS must be presented at a Supervisors meeting.


13.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that Charlie Pentz has taken his plans from All Land Services and given it to Lee Royer to complete since All Land has not gotten them completed as of today. We are not sure what Kenneth Hauk will be doing with his plans because All Land has not completed them either.


14.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that with all the mowing at the water plant, sewer plant and park, etc. we will need to look at our mower. B. Equipment is going to let the Township use a ZTR on a trial basis to see if they like that mower. The Jubilee has been dismantled and repaired. The rear main seal was leaking on the Jubilee which has been fixed and the mower needs new barrings. We will need to look at replacing the mower. Also Supervisor Bumbaugh would like authorization from the Board to hire part time summer help if we need it.


15.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that because of the weather we have not had time to put the back hoe on the auction site, but will be done this spring.


16.  Representatives from Penske and Chevrolet have visited the Township to give us trade-in quotes for our trucks with costar pricing.


17.  The Township sewer plant operator is leaving for another job. We have received three offers to hang operator’s license and also do a minimum amount of hours of work at the plant per month. We received these from Roger Nowell from Antrim Township, Larson Wenger from Mont Alto Borough and James Kauffman who is retired from South Mountain Restoration Center. James and Larson have dual license in both sewer and water.  The Borough of Mont Alto is also looking at the possibility of sharing an operator since Jerry Bakner, the Mont Alto Sewer Plant Operator, will be retiring at the end of the year. The Land application needs to be completed as soon as the weather allows. Travis is working on the paper work for this. Larson and James had the same offering of $500 per month to hang license and 6 hours a month at the plant. Any time over the 6 hours would be at $20 an hour. Also Willis Hess has kept his licenses current and would be willing to help if we need him to. A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved hiring James Kauffman and a letter being sent to Larson thanking him and using him if we need to. Roger Nowell will receive a letter once Travis has answered Roger’s email. Motion carried unanimously.


18.  Joe Schorn is going to be picking up the alarm calls that come in from both the water and sewer plant now that Ed is leaving. Joe has asked to be placed on salary. Joe’s base pay is around $39,000. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved Joe receive a salary of $44,500 per year with the split being between 2/3 water and 1/3 sewer. Motion carried unanimously.


19.  The Board was informed the Matt Birely has been helping at the water and sewer plant learning the process. Matt will be working every third weekend to cover the water and sewer plant.  His rate of pay for the weekend will need to be figured out since he will not be able to take off a day through the week due to being a member of the road crew and the summer projects that we will have.  The employees will get sludge prepared and ready to be applied on the fields as soon as possible.


20.  Supervisor Sanders was given approval to donate a power drafting board to the Township.


21.  Harry Atherton asked if he would still receive a call when sludge is being applied on Ray Geesaman property behind him.


22.  There was no period of final public comment.


23.  The meeting was adjourned on a Sanders/ Bumbaugh motion at 9:25 am.