May 22, 2014




Members present: Robert Gunder

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

                               Wilbur Sanders


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:31 a.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Two residents, and Joe Schorn, Water Plant Operator, John High and Bob Shimmering from Brindle Associates, Sam Thrush from Franklin County Planning Commission and 7 bidders were in attendance.


2.      There was no initial public comment.


3.      The Minutes of May 6, 2014 were approved as written on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      The bids for the water Project were opened at this time

a.       General contract

1.      Waynesboro Construction - $3,313, 500

2.      PSI - $2,123,000

3.      PAC 2 - $2,440,000

4.      Lobar - $2,757,000

b.      Electrical Contract

1.      Oyler Electric - $146,900

2.      PSI - $276,000

c.       HVAC

1.      Eisenhaur - $55,500

d.      Plumbing

1.      Eisenhaur - $54,000

            John High and Bob Schimmerling are going to review the bids to make sure they comply with the

            requirements, before they are awarded on June 3rd.


5.      Ordinance # 137 Water Specifications was approved on a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion. Motion carried unanimously.


6.      An update on the TCE/Furnace Road Water project was given. The Township employees are in the process of clearing the site for well #6. The Engineers have it staked out and the NPDES permit has been approved. Once bids have been awarded then the next emphasis will be on the distribution system. The project is to be completed by the end of next year. Also the Township has applied for a grant to help with the installation of the service connections for people, not in the contaminated area, but along the route that the line will be following.


7.      Resolution 2014-7, Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved on a Sanders/Bumbaugh motion. Motion carried unanimously.


8.      Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that a company called Pittsburgh Tank can do a maintenance  inspection on the two tanks at Quincy Home for $1250. We will receive a report from them after the inspection. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved having the maintenance inspection completed on the tanks. Motion carried unanimously.


9.      Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that the State Pension Auditor was here and has completed the audit and there were no findings.


10.  The Franklin County Association of Township Officials Spring Meeting is being held this evening at New Franklin Fire Department.


11.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved changing the amount of time an employee has to use their compensation time from 30 days to one year. Motion carried unanimously.


12.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved purchasing propane tanks, a 500 gallon tank for the water plant and a 1000 gallon tank for the maintenance building. Motion carried unanimously.


13.  A discussion took place on the Tomstown pump spring water running across Bakner Road causing a constant problem. The pipe at the top of the hill may be crushed. The Township can open the line, but the residents using the line will be responsible for the repair cost. The residents need to send a letter requesting the Township open the line and that the residents will repair before Township will proceed with the work.


14.  The Township is working with Penn Dot on the intersection of Hades Church and Murray Road. Also Penn Dot is willing to work with the Township on the drainage ditch problem along Mentzer Gap Road. Penn DOT will buy the pipe and put it in, but after put in place the Township will have to take responsibility for maintaining the pipe. Supervisor Gunder would like the water runoff problem from upgrade properties looked into at the same time to determine if that water can be eliminated or channeled into the ditch before installing pipe. Currently, during heavy rains water runs down private driveway at 8117 Mentzer Gap Road and floods basement across road at 8140.  Water may be coming from behind 8113.  Supervisor Bumbaugh is to proceed with this project.


15.  A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved giving a $150 donation per Township participant to the Franklin County Fire Training Center in support of their Junior Fire Training Program. This year the Township has two residents who are attending the program. Motion carried unanimously.


16.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that a letter has been sent to the Fire Departments that service the Township that at a scene of an accident the Township official should not be hindered in taking pictures.


17.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board about the cost of updating pieces of equipment.  The Mower would be divided between three funds, water, sewer and general fund.  We can get a diesel from B Equip with part of the cost being donated to the park. Also other prices were reviewed for gas powered mowers. The decision on the mower will be tabled until we demo one from Ryan and Paul gets to give us his opinion.  Updating of Joe’s truck would cost $13,000. We would take $6500 from Water & $6500 from Sewer. The updating of the 2012 pickup would cost $4000; half would come out of Liquid Fuels and half from General Fund. Supervisor Gunder would like to see the full cost taken from our Liquid Fuels account. The one ton dump would cost $17,500 to update, we would take $5,500 from each, water, sewer and general fund to pay for the upgrade. Supervisor Sanders is not in favor of updating every two years. A motion was given to purchase all trucks by Supervisor Bumbaugh seconded by Supervisor Gunder, but was rescinded and a vote was taken on each individual truck. A Bumbaugh/ Gunder motion to approve upgrading the one ton dump. Motion carried unanimously. A Bumbaugh/ Gunder motion approved upgrading Joe’s truck. Motion carried unanimously. And A Bumbaugh/Gunder motion approved upgrading the 2012 pickup truck. Motion carried unanimously.


18.  Solicitor Lisko is coming in at 10:30 to discuss park during public meeting.


19.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that people are calling in about water running on to their property from neighbors. Also have had phone calls about the New Hope Shelter Group Home in Five Forks for which a Land Use Permit was issued. The building is the former Altman Retirement Home at 9030 Wayne Road in the Commercial Zoning District. The Group Home is governed by Zoning Ordinance Definition #128, which does not allow anyone being housed there who is a threat to the physical safety of others or was convicted of a sexual offense committed against a minor.  Supervisor Gunder arranged for a meeting with New Hope leadership and they have assured the Township that only those who meet these provisions will be housed there. They have a very strict screening process in place. The Township has requested New Hope provide a copy of the screening process and a revised Emergency Management Plan.  The Township Zoning Officer has the latitude to inspect the premises at any time. We have had two complaints from residents and an attorney has contacted the Township in regards to this Home. Supervisor Gunder believes that there is a general misconception about the Shelter being used solely for criminals, but the Shelter in Waynesboro has that capability too and the vast majority housed there are not of this category.  The same ratio is expected at Five Forks.


20.  The Township has rented a street sweeper and all of the roads have been cleaned.


21.  Supervisor Sanders asked about the Workers Com Bill from Mont Alto and was informed that it has been taken care of.


22.  The Franklin County Tax Board has a meeting this afternoon Chaired by Supervisor Gunder.


23.  Quincy Home has sent a letter to Mike Christopher at Washington Township to request police patrol the village.


24.  During final public comment period it was stated that Quincy Township was going to ask Washington Township to travel past the accident site on Tomstown Road when they were patrolling the portion of Tomstown Road that is in Washington Township, because of issues at that location.


25.  A Sanders/Gunder motion at 10:05 am called for a recess until Solicitor Lisko arrived.


26.  Solicitor Lisko arrived at 10:30 am.  Discussion was held on the upper comfort station and the bid specs. The bid packet needs to get to Beth.


27.  The meeting adjourned at 11:35 am. on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion.