September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017


Members present: Kerry Bumbaugh

                                  Robert Gunder

                                  Edward Wilson

Solicitor: Linus Fenicle                    


1.       Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:30 am by Chairman Bumbaugh followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Four residents & Corey Kaiser were in attendance.

 2.       There was no initial public comment.

 3.       The Minutes from September 5, 2017 were approved on a Gunder/Wilson motion. Supervisors Bumbaugh and Gunder voted yes and Supervisor Wilson abstained. Motion carried.

 4.       HRI mainline restoration was discussed. There have been constant issues. The Township has been reviewing the work and sending the restoration crew back if needed.

 5.       Bulk clean up days will be held on October 6 & 7. Chambersburg Waste Paper is the cheapest for dumpsters. No grant money is available for tire disposal. Representative Schemel is looking to see if there is funds available for tire disposal. Also Clean up PA is working on seeing if they can help to pay for tire disposal. The current cost is $90 a ton, plus transportation of $325. Any tires we find along mountain roads can take to ranger station at Old Forge and they will dispose of them.

6.       There was a meeting on Tuesday evening this week at the Quincy Ox Roast Association with Trans Source Energy Powerline. This is an electric line going through the County, but is not going to benefit the residents. The Township and even our legislators do not have a say about this powerline. Trans Source stated that the will be paying the County for the Agricultural Preservation that will be used and the farmers for their easements. The paperwork has not been file with the PUC and the exact route has not been chosen. The electric supply is going to Maryland and Virginia. The residents are getting petitions sign and turned in. The Township believes that every structure that is placed in the Township should have to have a land use permit since our residents must have one for structures they build. The only one benefitting from this venture is the distribution Company.

7.       An update was given on the Penn National Town Center. There has been a preliminary conversation with Mont Alto about purchasing water from them. Mont Alto representatives took preliminary information back to the authority. Mike McCamley, our hydrogeologist has been on site look for viable water sources. Harry Atherton asked why we keep saying we must provide them with water. Since Penn National Town Center is in the Township, the Township must be able to provide them with a viable water source.

8.       2018 Park Acquisition Grant application/Land Appraisal was addressed. Some adjoining property owners have expressed interested in possibly selling land to the Township that adjoins the Park. Before we can apply for a grant we must have an appraisal done for the land which we would possibly be purchasing for the Park. The cost for an appraisal is approximately $500. The Misners have about 6 to 7 acres that they are thinking about selling to the Township. The grant would need to be filed in February 2018. A Gunder/Wilson motion authorized appraisal of the neighboring grounds of Misners and a basic survey plot plan be completed for addition to the park for the grant application. Motion carried unanimously.

9.       Supervisor Bumbaugh discussed the possibility that the Mount Valley Rider Saddle Club maybe selling the grounds they own that adjoins the park property. Supervisor Bumbaugh and Gunder have walked the Park and the Township would be interested in obtaining the grounds owned by the Saddle Club if they become available. Supervisor Bumbaugh has talked to the neighbors and they are very supportive of the Township obtaining the property if it becomes available. Kathy Misner carried a letter to the Saddle Club membership informing them that the Supervisors would be interested in obtaining the property if it becomes available. Supervisor Bumbaugh made a motion to purchase property y if becomes available and make a part of our park as agricultural. Motion died for lack of second. The Township has already talked to our insurance company and knows the cost of adding. A Gunder/Wilson motion approved sending a letter of interest for the property if it becomes available and the Board would attempt to design these lands in a way to afford use by the community to use. Supervisor Bumbaugh & Gunder voted yes and Supervisors Wilson voted no. Motion carried. Frank Mong also asked if the Township was looking for a donation or a purchase. He was informed that it will be put in for grant funding if we can purchase.

10.   Supervisor Wilson asked about Dan Baer. Dan Baer was served a letter for the Ordinance violation. The Zoning Officer sent, But Solicitor Fenicle has not seen the letter. Solicitor and Zoning Officer will discuss.

11.   During the final public comment, Frank Mong asked about minutes not being updated on the website stating that he didn’t want to give more work to the Secretary, but Secretary doesn’t take care of website. We will have the website updated.

12.   The meeting adjourned at 10:00 am. on a Wilson/Gunder motion.