Consumer Water Report 025

Disponible en Español

El texto original de este informe se encuentra disponible en el idioma Inglés, Sin embargo una versión en español está disponible para ayudar e informar a la población de habla hispana a obtener una mejor comprensión de su servicio de agua potable, por favor acérquese a la Oficina en la dirección mencionada en la parte superior. 

The original text of this report is available in the English Language, a translation of this original will assist and inform the Spanish speaking population to gain an understanding of the status of the local public water system, please visit us at the address mention above to receive assistance and translation of this report

Your water resource and safety is very important to us, this is why yearly we inform our community of the status and quality of our public water, for this reason we invite you to visit our township office, call us 717-762-5679 or download the pdf form at the link below to get your Consumer Confidence Report for the Year 2018 or if you have any questions concerning your water resource, this information will be available at the office or at Quincy Township’s Website.


Travis Schooley,
Jul 15, 2019, 7:49 AM