July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014



Members present: Robert Gunder                 

                             Wilbur Sanders

                              Kerry Bumbaugh

Solicitor: John Lisko


1.      Meeting of Quincy Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Gunder followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Nine residents and John Cox & Ben Reid from Rhoads & Sinon and Mike Cermak were in attendance.


2.      Grant Crane from Troop 97 was in attendance for his Boy Scout Merit Badge.


3.      The Minutes of June 19, 2014 along with the bills except those paid to the Supervisors were approved on a Bumbaugh/Gunder motion. Motion carried unanimously.


4.      TCE Water Project was discussed. The amended budget has been submitted. We are to receive a copy of the application for grant amendment. The advertisement has gone out for the bids for well #6.  The bill has been received for the three phase electric from West Penn Power. DEP is questioning the attorney’s fees for the right to know request on the water treatment plant bid.


5.      The Debt Ordinance was reviewed at this time. John Cox and Ben Reid explain the debt Ordinance and the RFP that went out to three banks. F & M Trust, Susquehanna and First National of Mercersburg were given the opportunity to quote a price for a line of credit. The lowest rate was received from Susquehanna Bank. This would be a 1.5 million dollar line of credit. Susquehanna has come in with a firm commitment. The fixed rate would be 1.59 %. We will have a loan commitment fee of $500 and closing costs capped at $1000. Also there will be approx. $8500 in legal counsel fees involved.   A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved Ordinance #148 and a Bumbaugh/Sanders motion authorized the signing of the commitment letter with Susquehanna Bank. Motions carried unanimously.


6.      Collection of delinquent sewer user fees was discussed. Solicitor Lisko informed the Board that an Ordinance would have to be enacted before shutting off peoples sewers. Antrim has enacted the Ordinance to disconnect sewer. Once disconnected the property is condemned and the residents would have to move. A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion authorized Mike Cermak to take up to 10 sample delinquent accounts from high amounts to low and attempt to collect delinquent sewer user fees by whatever legal means necessary. Supervisor Gunder will provide Mike with the 10 sample accounts. Mike will take a fee from each level of delinquencies and talk to the residents and explain. He will be given an authorization letter to carry with him. Motion carried unanimously.


7.      A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved the Charles Pentz Land Development Plan contingent on NPDES and storm water approval. Motion carried unanimously.


8.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the Lewis Otto, Jr. Lot Addition. Motion carried unanimously.


9.      A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the Dorothy Bennett-Sprow subdivision/Lot Addition contingent on received written proof of right of way agreement. Motion carried unanimously.


10.  A Bumbaugh/Sanders motion approved the Richard Mohn, Jr. Lot Addition. Motion carried unanimously.


11.  A Sanders/Bumbaugh motion approved releasing the Dollar General Performance Bond. Martin & Martin recommended releasing the bond.


12.  A Sanders/Gunder motion approved changing the HOP driveway paving requirements from 25 feet to 20 feet back from the end of the roadway pavement. This will be clarified in the next SALDO update. Motion carried unanimously.


13.  Zoning Officer was not present and sent no report.


14.  Supervisor Bumbaugh informed the Board that the paving is being done at the school district road and Oak Drive. Also the tarring and chipping is being done on Township roads.


15.  Supervisor Gunder informed the Board that the bid specs for the park upper comfort station has been submitted to Beth at DCNR.


16.  The HOP permit for the Park entrance is being addressed.


17.  Tina Scheib during the final period of public comment, asked about storm water going into the sewer line. The Supervisors explained what was happening and what they are doing to address the issue.


18.  Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm on Sanders/Gunder motion.