June 30, 2014


30 JUNE 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT:         Lee Daywalt

                                                            Richmond Adkins                                                   

                                                            Harold Moritz                               

                                                            Emily Moore

                                                            Jill Schooley


Solicitor:      Ed Wine


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Daywalt at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Lee Royer, Supervisor Gunder, one resident and Supervisor Bumbaugh were in attendance.


Minutes from October 28, 2013 were approved on a Moritz/Daywalt motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Reorganization of the Planning commission was held at this time. An Adkins/Moore motion to keep the officers the same as last year was made. The motion carried unanimously.


The Charlie Pentz Land Development Plan was reviewed and explained to the Commission by Lee Royer. A Moore/Adkins motion recommended approving the restamp of Charlie Pentz Land Development Plan. Motion carried unanimously.


A Moore/ Schooley motion recommended for approval the Lewis Otto, Jr. Lot Addition. Motion carried unanimously.


A Daywalt/Adkins motion recommended for approval the Dorothy Bennett Sprow Lot Addition contingent on getting proof of a written right of way agreement. Motion carried unanimously.


A Schooley/Moore motion recommended for approval the Richard Mohn, Jr. Lot Addition. Motion carried unanimously.


There was no Final Comments during the public comment period.


Meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm on a Daywalt/Adkins motion.