Request for Proposal Application

Request For Proposal – Application   

Quincy Township, PA


Proposal For:  Pension Plan Services Provider                                           RFP NOTICE NUMBER: 2013-1

Services Provided For:  Non-Uniform Pension / Defined Contribution

RFP NOTICE DATE:  June 6, 2013                                                      RFP CLOSING DATE:   June 20, 2013   


Applicant Information:



Company Name and Address:




Company’s Principal Point of Contact:


Point of Contact’s Phone Number:


Point of Contact’s FAX Number:


Point of Contact’s E-Mail Address:



Statement of Confidentiality on information provided:

All Applicants to this RFP – be advised that; this application and its contents shall be held in a confidential status until the conclusion of the Request for Proposal process, after which, all information provided on this application will become public accessible and may be disseminated in accordance with the other previously established policies of this municipal entity and the specific disclosure requirements of Act 44 of 2009, Chapter 7-A, except, information that is considered proprietary in nature and/or otherwise protected by law.


Application Instructions & Questions:


General Instructions:  


This Application is presented in WORD format to allow you to insert your responses without transposing the questions to a separate document.  Applicants must submit their response to each question below that question and preface each one with the word Response: in bold Italic. All responses are to be in Times New Roman font – 12 point.  Please do not reformat the Application. The margins have been offset to allow for binding.  ALSO SEE “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS”, next page.


No other form of written response is acceptable.




THIS PAGE is included to provide specific information relevant to this RFP

and NOT required as part of the RFP – please discard before submitting your application.

Special Instructions: 

1.      To eliminate confusion, when responding to a question start response with Response:.

2.      This RFP requires applicants to provide detailed information regarding costs and fees structure. Therefore the following information is provided to assist applicants in calculating these costs and fees.  If you require additional information that is not provided in order to properly respond to this RFP, please request this information by immediately e-mailing the designated RFP Point of Contact.  Please explain – briefly – why the requested information is necessary.

3.      The township realizes that if the assets are more or less than those stated at the time the applicant assumes the assets, that the quoted fees may also change, commensurate with the change (+ or -) in assets.  The fee quotes are therefore considered a “good faith” estimate by the applicant based on the information provided at the time of application.

The following demographic information is provided for the reasons stated above. 

Plan Assets:  $203,263.37 Value of plan assets – as of: December 31, 2012

Other Demographics

Active members:          9         

Terminated / Vested:    0         

Currently retired:         0         

Total Members:            9         


Application Questions:     

1.      Please provide the names and titles of all individuals who will be providing professional services to the Township’s pension plan(s) identified.    (Act 44 Required)


2.      Describe how long your firm has been providing the types of pension services sought under this RFP – specifically, to municipal government entities in Pennsylvania.    In general terms, describe the make-up of your current municipal client base: 

a.    How many of your current public pension clients are Pennsylvania municipal pension clients?

b.   What are the percentages of those that are defined benefit vs. those that are defined contribution plans?

c.    What are the total pension assets of those Pennsylvania municipalities that your firm has under administration?

3.      Briefly describe the overall structure of the services platform your firm will employ to provide the desired services described under this RFP in RFP Requirements and Specifications.  

4.      How many PA municipal pension clients do you currently provide a platform of product(s) and service(s) similar to the one you are proposing?

5.      RFP Questions:  Details specific to services required – You must respond to all of the following:

A.     Describe your proposal regarding custodial services.

(1)   What record keepers do you currently have a working relationship with?

B.     Describe the fee schedule associated with your proposal. Please provide a detailed explanation for the services being provided for each.

(1)   Are you able to work with fee based investment advisors?

C.     Describe your proposal regarding record keeping services.

(1)   What custodians do you currently have a working relationship with?

D.     Describe restrictions/limitations on investment availability.

E.      Are your services compatible with Reliance Trust’s MetLife Stable Value Fund, Cusip#759522204?

F.      Are you able to work with managed portfolios?

G.     Describe participants’ ability for daily access to account information.

H.     Describe the qualifications and/or certifications you have obtained that make you capable of servicing Pennsylvania municipal plans.

6.      Describe your firm’s approach to client support and if selected to provide services to this municipality, how this municipality will be integrated into your client support network.

7.      Briefly describe any unique characteristics of the overall services platform your firm proposes and why (in your opinion) you feel it is best suited to meet the needs of this municipality’s pension(s). 

8.      Has your firm or any subcontractor or company in an advisory capacity that will be a party to the proposed services relative to this RFP, been involved in:

a)      Any adverse criminal, civil, regulatory, or government actions against any director or principal officer in the past 5 years; or

b)      Any investigation of the same nature that has occurred within the past 36 months?

If so, please indicate the outcome of said action or investigationFurthermore, please indicate whether you have received notice or have any reasonable basis to believe that any criminal regulatory or similar investigation is likely to commence within the next 12 months.

9.      Describe your firm’s errors and omissions insurance and commercial general liability insurance and specific coverage.

10.  Specify any fees associated with initial set-up or asset-transfer.  Specify any fees that would be levied should the municipality withdraw or terminate the professional services contract with your firm.  If early termination fees are applicable, what time or types of restrictions apply to these fees? 

11.  Does your firm require a specific term or length of contract?  If so, indicate the minimum period of time your firm typically contracts for.