Septic Pumping

               On June 13, 2000, the Quincy Township Supervisors adopted Ordinance #91, the Septic Tank Pumping Ordinance, which requires properties that utilize on-lot sewage disposal systems with septic tanks to be pumped by an approved sewage hauler at least once every five years.  The Township was required to enact this ordinance by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as part of the overall sewage facility plan for Quincy Township.

                Your septic tank is required to have been pumped by an approved sewage hauler within the past five years.  If your tank has not been pumped in the last five years, you have until December of this year to do so.

                Proof of pumping required by the ordinance is to be provided to the Township after your tank has been pumped.  You or the hauler may provide this proof to the Township office either by mailing or hand delivering a copy of the sewage hauler’s manifest form to the Township office.  Your hauler will provide you a copy of this manifest form when they pump the tank.

                The ordinance also requires some type of permanent marker to be placed in the ground above or adjacent to the septic tank lid so that the opening can be found with little difficulty in five years.

                 The Township has a rotation of three cycles for pumping.  Each cycle is a list of street/road names within the Township.  The cycles are listed by year.  Reminder letters are sent to all residents in a cycle at the beginning of each year.  To check which cycle your address falls under, just click on each of the years shown here.






On October 18, 2012, as a result of PA DEP no longer reimbursing municipalities for enforcing the PA Sewage Facilities Act & On-Lot Sewage Disposal Program, the  Township Supervisors implemented an administrative fee of $25.00 per on-lot sewer resident.  This fee will only be charged every five years when your tank is due to be pumped.  Please download this form to pay your fee either by mail or at the township office.  Checks should be made payable to Quincy Township Supervisors.

                Thank you for your cooperation with this requirement.


                Our approved haulers are listed below.  You must use one of these haulers to pump your tank.  We recommend that you call a couple of these haulers and compare prices.  The township is not recommending one service over another.  We do recommend that neighborhoods try to coordinate their pumping with one hauler, if that hauler will give you a lower price if he has multiple tanks to pump in one area.  You should discuss this possibility with your neighbors and then present one proposal to the haulers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Township office during regular work hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM).


Antrim Septic Services

3119 Barr Road

Greencastle, PA  17225



Rosy’s Wastewater Removal Inc.

c/o David Barnhart                             

8058 Huber Road

St. Thomas, PA 17252



Chamberlin & Wingert Sanitary Services, LLC         

535 Lurgan Avenue

Shippensburg, PA  17257



Witter’s Septic & Sanitation LLC                           

4534 Warm Spring Road

Greencastle, PA  17225