Sewer Payments

Customers are billed in advance for three months at a time.  Billing is done in three cycles according to the service address.  Annual payments are still accepted.  IF YOU WISH TO PAY ANNUALLY, THE AMOUNT IS $529.20 PER EDU PER YEAR AND YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS 2% DISCOUNT.

Quarterly billing will have no effect on Metered customers.  Metered will continue to be billed monthly.  ACH will be drafted quarterly on the 15th of the month. 

Never be late!---Sign up for our automatic draft service.  Come in a fill out an ACH form and let a cancelled check or deposit slip with us, and your payment can be automatically deducted from your bank account.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE!  

We now accept online payments to your sewer account using your credit card.  This service is offered through Municipay.  Municipay applies a 2.45% service charge, which is equal to $3.42 on a regular $135.00 quarterly payment.  If you wish to use this service, click "Pay My Bill" below.