Employment Opportunities

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    Position Summary: Works daily under the general supervision of the Quincy Township Board of Supervisors by performing tasks and special projects as directed by the Supervisors along with his/her daily duties which include but not limited to: Review and issue land- use permits, conditional use permits and address zoning issues and complaints with follow up reports to the Board and review design and planning modules concerning water, sewer and storm water designs while working with the Engineers, Developers and Owners. Develop plans to extend the water and sewer systems and prepare the yearly DEP reports for the water and sewer. Communicate with the water and sewer plant operators to make sure the Township is in compliance and to make sure all of the monthly and yearly reports and testing is completed in time. Works closely with the Road Master and Road Foreman, plant operators and office personnel assisting them in their duties as needed and attends board meetings prepared to give a report on current situations and accomplishments. Research and draft reports and familairize yourself with the Ordinances and Resolutions and prepare for the board any Ordinance or Resolution that may...Read more