Quincy Township Heritage Park Historical Society
7575 Mentzer Gap Road
Waynesboro, PA 17268

Open to the public during normal operating hours Monday - Friday 8am until 4:30pm

Displaying and Preserving Quincy Township’s History & Heritage:

Pennsylvania’s First State Park - Mont Alto State Park

Pennsylvania’s First TB Treatment Facility - White Pine Sanitorium

Pennsylvania’s First Forestry College - Mont Alto Forest Academy

Franklin County’s Standard Oil Pumping Station - Knepper’s Station

Franklin County’s Oldest Water System - Tomstown Pump

The Metcalfe Engine Company - Quincy Engine Company

Quincy Orphanage and Home

The Wertz Family Fruit Farms - Connection to the Underground Railroad


The Historical Society Currently is Meeting with the Park Committee 1st Thursday each month 6:30pm 


Preserving Our Past, Empowering Our Future.

Nothing worth doing is ever simple or easy.  Preserving the past people, places and events of Quincy Township’s long history will be no different.  We are starting a monumental undertaking.  This is a worthy undertaking.  We are inviting YOU to JOIN us in this adventure.  

The Founding of anything new requires immense amounts of TIME, ENERGY and RESOURCES.  As part of this Society, each and everyone one of us, will accomplish together what none of us could do alone.  We need YOU.

The time is NOW.  The collection has already started.  Visit the Quincy Township Municipal Offices during normal business hours to see what has already been preserved and displayed.  The time is NOW.  We welcome YOUR participation, join us in this adventure.

Spread the news, encourage others to join.  Share the excitement.  The time is NOW.

To join simply fill out the form below, enclose your check, payable to Quincy Township, with note:  “Historical Society Membership” and mail to:

Quincy Township Heritage Park Historical Society 
C/O Quincy Township Supervisors
7575 Mentzer Gap Road
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Quincy Township Heritage Park Historical Society

MEMBERSHIP Application

Yes, I desire to join the Historical Society in its preservation of Quincy Township’s History and Heritage.


____________________________________    Mailing address:________________________________

City: ____________________________________     State: _________   Zip: __________

____Founding Junior Member - under 18 -             ____Founding Member - Individual -
    $10.00 per year                                                           $25.00 per year

_____Founding Family -                     _____Founding Organization - 
    $50.00 per year                             $100.00 per year 

_____Founding Member - Lifetime -                _____Founding Business Partner -
    $250.00 one time donation                        $250.00 one time donation

_____Founding Corporate Sponsor - 
    $1,000.00 one time donation