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Acid Rain

Great information for teachers. Access this page to view a lesson plan and activities from the EPA on acid rain.

Amazing Water

An educational book, geared towards kids, on our amazing resource -- Water! Read about water and discover all the ways that you can help to save it.

Water Cycle Activity

Click here to access an excellent educational activity for kids: Water Cycle Activity.

Tip Tank

Great educational activity/game for kids regarding water conservation. Play Tip Tank now.

Test Your WaterSense

Test Your WaterSense! Educational water conservation game for kids.

Save Splash the Raindrop

Take the challenge of catching raindrops. An educational game for kids regarding water.

What Do You Know About H2O

Great educational activity for kids: What Do You Know About H2O?

Water Sense Activity Book

Excellent educational activity for kids from the EPA: Water Sense Activity Book.

Save Water to Help the Earth

An excellent educational video for kids regarding water conservation: Save Water to Help the Earth.

Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater

Another great educational video for kids: Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater.

More Education Resources

Click here to access a list of Online Educational Resources.