Water Projects

Quincy Township Water Service projects

Resolution 2016-9 At a public meeting on June 23, 2016, the Board voted unanimously to approve Resolution 2016-9 for filing a $1.8 million dollar Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) State Competitive Application for construction of a new public water mainline extension to our Quincy Plant in order to provide a contingency supply for the Campus. (Residents along the mainline would also be required to connect if their home is within 150 feet of the water facilities). The Application was filed with the State (DCED) by the County on December 29, 2016, but no funding was forthcoming. In January 2019, the County finally announced that $400,000 in new grant funding was available for this Project; however, the entire Project would have to be completed and the funds expended by April 2019 and the short three-month window would not allow the Township to take full advantage. I n late 2019, the County offered to file a reprogramming action with DCED to combine 2018 unused funds from an Indian Lake Project, which would give us a total of $211,102 for this Project. Also, the Township has filed a 2019 Application for an additional $289,000 from the CDBG Program. Assuming all these funds are made available, it would give us $500,000 and allow for 42% of the mainline to be constructed in 2020/2021. DCED is now looking at our 2019 Application for which only two applicants, including Quincy Township filed for the funding. The Township is also negotiating with the parent firm PSL to determine if some or all of the remaining 58% of the line can constructed by them.
Resolution 2018-2 At a public meeting on January 28, 2018, the Board voted unanimously to adopt Resolution 2018-2, which authorized the filing of a grant application under the 2018 PA Small Water Program to help fund the Tomstown Public Water Main Extension which is designed to provide potable water to nine homes along Tomstown Road north of the Mentzer Gap Road intersection. The Township was able to secure $62,594 of the $180,000 estimated cost to construct this line from the 2017 CDBG Program. Unfortunately, the State Financing Authority chose not to fund the difference; however, on September 20, 2018 the Township filed a new application for additional funding from the 2018 CDBG Program. In January 2019, the County announced that new funding in the amount of $171,000 was possible via leftover 2016 money in order to complete this extension in 2020.
White Rock Town Center At a public meeting on May l1, 2018, the Board announced that a draft Memo of Understanding had been developed with the Mont Alto Municipal Authority to provide public water to the proposed White Rock Town Center. The two parties had been diligently working to hammer out the pertinent details of the Agreement. On December 4, 2018, the Agreement was signed by both parties. Township is awaiting the applicable Land Development Plan from White Rock, Inc.; after which a separate Agreement will be needed between the Township and the Customer.