Water Service

Quincy Township has two separate public water systems; each with their own respective water treatment plants and distribution systems..  The water systems are not yet connected, although there is a design plan to connect these two systems in the near future.
The Quincy Village Water System serves only the Presbyterian Senior Living Retirement Community residents and senior care facilities at Quincy Village.  The service well (Well #2) is located near the retirement community on the south side along Orphanage Road and the Water Treatment Plant is located across the road on the north side.
The Quincy Water Service System serves some township residents along the following roads: Furnace Road, Fox Hill Road, Tomstown Road, Creager Road, Mentzer Gap Road, Monn Drive, Shank Hess Road, and Lofty Heights.  The Well (Well #5) and associated booster pump station is located along Tomstown Road between where Creager and Fox Hill Roads intersect.  The Water Treatment Plant is located at the cul-de-sac of Monns Gap Road. We are in the process of developing another well (Well #7) to augment the water supply produced by Well #5.
Please click to view the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for each of the Water Treatment Plants.  The reports are in PDF format.  A copy is available for your review at the Township Office at 7575 Mentzer Gap Road, Waynesboro, PA 71268. Please call 717-762-5679 or write if you have any questions.
A complete copy is available in English and Spanish.